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  • The Seoul Botanic Park donates 500 plant seeds to Seed Vault of the National Baekdudaegan Arboretum

  • Press Releases SMG 167
    • Permanent storage for future generations in Seed Vault, a wildlife seed preservation facility
    • 65 families and 289 species including endangered, rare, and specialized plants owned by the Seoul Botanic Park are going to be preserved in Seed Vault
    • The Seoul Metropolitan Government will promote the importance of botanical genetic resources by researching and preserving them

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, February 3, 2021 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government will donate 500 plant seeds owned by the Seoul Botanic Park to the Global Seed Vault of the National Baekdudaegan Arboretum. The seeds have been collected for more than two years by the Seoul Botanic Park and they will be permanently stored for future generations.

    The “Baekdudaegan Global Seed Vault” is a facility established and operated at the National Baekdudaegan Arboretum in 2015 to preserve plant genetic resources from natural disasters, wars, and nuclear explosions, and is the world’s first wildlife seed storage facility.

    This seed donation is the first case of a deposit at a national and public arboretum since the National Baekdudaegan Arboretum introduced a black box storage system last year to enhance the quality and security of seed storage. The seeds will be stored in seed vaults as the black box was sealed by the depository.

    The donated seeds included endangered or rare and specialized plants, and a total of 500 (65 families and 289 species), including seeds grown by the Seoul Botanic Park.

    Starting with this donation, the Seoul Botanic Park plans to fulfill its role as a public arboretum by conducting full-fledged research and conservation activities to preserve plant genetic resources.

    “We hope that donated seeds will be safely delivered to future generations to contribute to preserving biodiversity,” said Han Jung-hoon, Seoul Botanic Park Director. “We will continue to make efforts to inform citizens of the importance and necessity of preserving plant genetic resources.”