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  • The Seoul Book Festival 2013

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    Late fall is a nice season for reading books. As such, Seoul Metropolitan Government is holding the 2013 Seoul Book Festival for three days beginning November 7 under the themes of sharing, study, and sympathy in collaboration with the Seoul Metropolitan Library.

    This year’s event will be participated in by 70 libraries (three times that of last year), 36 publishers, and 5 reading clubs. First held in 2008, the annual event has been earning raves among the people every year.

    During the festival, several special events will be held.

    Libraries will distribute rice cake as part of “housewarming.”

    During the late Joseon dynasty, there were people called jeongisu whose job was to read books aloud for others. This way, they contributed to the development of classical novels. Mr. Jeong Gyu-heon, who was designated as intangible cultural heritage of Chungcheongnam-do as one of the last jeongisu, will hold a session of reading Simcheonjeon (Tale of Simcheong) and modern fairytales aloud at the Seoul Square beginning 2: 30 PM on November 8.

    A special program will be provided to a group of people selected on a first-come-first-served basis to help them spend a unique night, which will consist of book concert, lecture, game, etc., between the night of November 8 (Fri.) and the morning of November 9 (Sat.).

    There will be a session on reciting poems and reading novels aloud. Picture book writers will perform a one-person table act based on the contents of the picture books they wrote. At the closing ceremony, Seoul Mayor Park Won-sun will read fairytales to children as a special event.

    During the festival, visitors will be encouraged to donate books to other people who need them.

    2013 Seoul Book Festival