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  • The Sejong Center Organizes Diverse Cultural Events.

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    In anticipation of the upcoming lunar New Year’s holiday, the Sejong Center is preparing various events and experience programs at several venues including the exhibition halls dedicated to the Story of King Sejong and the Story of Admiral Yi Sun-shin, the Sejong Museum of Art, Seoul Namsan Traditional Theater, the Dream Forest Art Center, and Samcheonggak.

     New Year’s Arirang at Gugakdang Hall, Mi Su Da at Gugakdang Hall, Dream Forest

    Performances at the Seoul Namsan Traditional Theater
    – New Year’s concert of hope titled ‘New Year’s Arirang’, Samullori (percussion experience programs, and folk plays

    Performance New Year’s Hope Concert: New Year’s Arirang
    Venue Seoul Namsan Traditional Theater
    Date 3 p.m. on Jan. 23 (Mon) – 24 (Tue), 2012 (2 sessions)
    Performers Singer Kim Yong-woo, a Samullori Troupe, and others
    Ticket Price 1,000 won (Free admission for New Year’s events such as Samullori)
    Inquiries +82-2-2261-0515 (Admission allowed for people five years old or older)

    – ‘New Year’s Mi Su Da (Chatting with Beautiful Women, aka Global Talk Show), a special traditional Korean cultural experience program for the New Year’

    Program Special traditional Korean cultural experience event, ‘New Year’s Mi Su Da’
    Venue Gugak Experience Room of the Seoul Namsan Traditional Theater
    Date 4 p.m. -6 p.m. (2 hrs) on Jan. 20 (Fri) – 24 (Tue), 2012
    Ticket Price Participation Fees: 50,000 won (30% discount for groups of 10 people or more)
    Inquiries +82-2- 2261-0501~2

    The New Year’s Mi Su Da will be held in the Gugak Experience Room of the Seoul Namsan Traditional Theater from January 20-24, 2012 for foreign tourists and anyone wishing to experience traditional Korean culture.

    The event consists of various experience activities such as slicing Korean tteok (rice cakes) wearing hanbok (traditional Korean clothing); shuttlecock making; tea ceremony, and a traditional Korean music appreciation program.

    During the event, helpers of different nationalities will interpret for foreign tourists participating in the programs.

     Magpie Magpie New Year at Samcheonggak , Traditional Korean Music performance at the Story of King Sejong and Admiral Yi Sun-shin

    ‘New Year’s Traditional Korean Play Courtyard’ at the Dream Forest Art Center
    – Exciting New Year festival courtyard for traditional Korean plays

    Performance ‘New Year’s Traditional Korean Play Courtyard’
    Venue Cultural Plaza of the Dream Forest Art Center
    Date 10am~5pm on Jan. 24 (Wed), 2012
    Price Free
    Inquiries +82-2-2289-5401

    Premium dinner concert ‘Magpie Magpie New Year’ at Samcheonggak’
    – This concert consists of traditional Korean gugak performances by singer Nam Sang-il and pansori singer Park Ae-ri, and a high-quality Korean evening meal.

    Performance Premium Dinner Concert ‘Magpie Magpie New Year’ at Samcheongak
    Venue Performance stage in the Ilhwadang Hall, Samcheonggak
    Date 5 ~ 6pm (performance) & 6 ~ 7pm (evening meal) on Jan 23 (Mon.) – 24 (Tue), 2012
    Performers Singers Nam Sang-il and Park Ae-ri; a fusion gugak ensemble called ‘Cheong Arang’
    Ticket Price 80,000 won
    Inquiries +82-2-765-3700 (Extension: 2)

    History and Culture Exploration at the Story of King Sejong and Admiral Yi Sun-shin Exhibition Halls
    – This event will consist of various free-of-charge programs including a traditional Korean gugak performance, the composition of blessings in Hangeul, and lucky-pouch making during the New Year holiday.

    Event Name Traditional Korean Music Gugak Performance & Various Programs
    Venue The Story of King Sejong and Admiral Yi Sun-shin Exhibition Halls
    Hours 10:30 am~10:30 pm (Open throughout the New Year holiday)
    Location Basement of the statue of King Sejong at Gwanghwamun Square/ Basement 2 of the Grand Theater of the Sejong Center
    Admission Free
    Inquiries +82-2-399-1153-4

    『Art & Cook』at the Sejong Museum of Art
    – Let’s visit an exhibition and make our own cookies and muffins!

    Exhibition Art & Cook
    Venue Main building of the Sejong Museum of Art ( B1)
    Period & Viewing Hours 11 am~ 8:30 pm until Jan. 29 (Sun), 2012
    Admission Fees 5,000 won for adults and youth
    4,000 won for pre-school children
    (1,000 won per person discount for groups of 20 people or more)
    Experience Programs
    (Admission fees included)
    – Mon ~ Fri: Cookie making – 8,000 won
    (The program is offered every 20 minutes between 11:20 a.m. ~ 5: 20 p.m.)
    – Sat/Sun: Muffin making – 15,000 won
    (11 a.m., 2: 30 p.m.: Two sessions a day)
    Inquiries +82-2-399-1152, 1022