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  • The Secret of the Mayor’s Chairs

  • Mayor's News SMG 2878

    The chairs in the Mayor’s conference room are ones that have actually been used by Seoul citizens. Early in his term as Seoul Mayor, Park Won Soon placed a recycled and restored conference table in his office. Now, he has filled it conference chairs that were either donated by Seoul citizens or made from recycled wood.

    The twelve chairs in the office are divided into three thematic categories, namely, “Chairs filled with the traditions and traces of Seoul”, “Seoul society’s model citizen chairs”, and “Chairs symbolic of the city’s administrative philosophy,” to embody the lives of our citizens in the past, present and future.

    The chairs have either undergone partial repairs or been made of recyclable wood. A City official said, “These chairs have an important symbolic meaning, in that the City’s administrators will always be reminded that ‘our citizens and their lives’ come first in all of our decisions whenever they gather to sit on these chairs in the mayor’s office where diverse discussions and policy making take place.” The collection of chairs will be on display during the opening tour of the new City Hall building and will actually be used in the conference room.