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  • The Republic of Korea has Raised the National Alert Level regarding the Novel Coronavirus to Orange, What can we do to Prevent Infection?

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    On January 27th, 2020, the Ministry of Health and Welfare increased the national alert level regarding the novel coronavirus from ‘yellow’ to ‘orange’, due to the increasing potential of its spread.
    Please be sure to always wear a mask when using public transportation, such as the bus or the subway, or when visiting public spaces. Don’t forget to regularly wash your hands with soap for over 30 seconds. If you are experiencing fever or respiratory symptoms after visiting China, do not visit a hospital but immediately call 1330 or 1345 or 120.

    Precautions for Preventing Novel Coronavirus Infection

    ①	Wear a mask. Wear a mask when using public transportation or visiting public places.

    ②	 Wash your hands frequently. Use soap and wash your hands with running water for 30 seconds.

    ③	 Cough Etiquette Cough into your sleeve or elbow.

    For inquiries regarding novel coronavirus infections,
Call 1330 (KCDC Call Center) or 1345 (Immigrant Contact Center) or 120 (Dasan Seoul Call Center)