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  • The Proposal Wall along Cheonggyecheon Stream Reopens.

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    The “Proposal Wall”, which was closed during the winter season, reopened this month. Under the title of “Putting Flowers on Rubber Shoes,” two couples took part in “surprise proposal” events on February 29 (Wednesday).

    Dumuldari(Bridge), where the Proposal Wall is situated, is the confluence of two streams, Seongbukcheon and Jeongneungcheon, which flow into Cheonggyecheon. The wall is a romantic symbol of the meeting of a man and a woman from different environments who fall in love with each other. Ever since the first marriage proposal was made at the Proposal Wall on December 24, 2007, more than 820 couples have confessed their love there.

    The success rate of the proposals is nearly 100 % due to the romantic mood at the Wall. The secret of the Wall’s popularity is that young couples, who are not generally economically blessed, can hold an event there without worrying about the cost of hiring a stage, lighting, and sound effects.

    Those wishing to stage a proposal event at the Wall can select any day from Wednesday to Saturday via the Proposal Wall homepage (http://english.sisul.or.kr/grobal/cheonggye/eng/WebContent/index.html), and upload their story, proposal UCC videos and photo files. Dumuldari is located near Exit 5 of Yongdu Station and Exit 9 of Sinseol-dong Station on Subway Line No. 2.

    “Putting Flowers on Rubber Shoes” (February 29, 2012)

    (‘Rubber Shoes’ is a slang expression referring to a woman waiting for her boyfriend who is away on military service. When the man completes his service, he fixes flowers on the rubber shoes, and “the rubber shoes become flower shoes”).

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