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  • The Pleasure of Strolling along the Tree-Lined Streets of Seoul in Autumn

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    Autumn is the season when tree leaves dazzle us with their beautiful colors. Why not enjoy the beautiful sights created by the autumnal hues of tree leaves with your family, friends or lover?

    Seoul Metropolitan Government has selected eighty-one leading streets (148.54km) known for their beautifully colored autumnal leaves. These streets will not be swept clear of fallen leaves until mid-November so Seoulites can savor every minute of fall.

    [Strolling along streamside paths]
    Uninterrupted by passing vehicles, you can enjoy the harmonious scenery created by Seoul’s clean-running streams and colorful autumn leaves more peacefully.

    * Recommended streamside paths
    Songjeong Bank in Seongdong-gu (Seongdonggyo (Bridge) – Gunjagyo (Bridge)); Jungnangcheonjebang-gil in Dongdaemun-gu; Uicheonjebang-gil in Gangbuk-gu; Jungnangcheonjebang-gil in Dobong-gu; Hongjecheonbyeon-gil in Seodaemun-gu; Anyangcheon Walking Trail in Guro-gu and Geumcheon-gu; Yeoeuiseo-ro, Yeoeui-do in Yeongdeungpo-gu




    [Nice places to take your lover on a date]
    You can have an enjoyable stroll along Samcheongdong-gil with your lover. Nearby places worth a visit include Gyeongbokgung (Palace), art galleries, workshops, and gourmet food restaurants. Deoksugung -gil is another place where you can visit the Seoul Museum of Art, as well as lots of performance venues and cinemas. Itaewon-ro extending from Samgakji Station to Noksapyeong Station is also a popular tourist destination. You can walk from there to the Hyatt Hotel Seoul and the Namsan Walking Trail.
    The retusa fringe trees (Ipap namu in Korean) lining the Cheonggyecheon-ro are also pleasant to behold. If you stroll for a while along this road, your will reach Dongdaemun or Seoul Folk Flea Market in Sinseol-dong.

    * Recommended places to take your lover on a date
    Samcheongdong-gil in Jongno-gu; Deoksugung-gil in Jongno-gu; Itaewon-ro in Yongsan-gu; Cheonggyecheon (Stream) in Jongno-gu



    [Walking trail leading to a park]
    The Namsan North Walking Trail is the most popular path among walkers in Seoul. Many moms pushing baby carriers or senior citizens in their wheelchairs can be seen here.

    Yangjae Citizen’s Forest and nearby Alice Park are famous for footpaths lined with meta-sequoias. Songpanaru Park (Seokchon Lake), along with the nearby Lotte World, is a popular destination for people in the neighborhood.

    Olympic Park, Seoul Forest in Ttukseom, Haneul Park (Flame grass), Pyeonghwa Park (beautifully colored tree leaves) close to the World Cup Park are also recommended destinations.



    [Enjoy the beautiful scenery on a mountain trail]
    The wooden deck path leading from the Achasan Ecological Park to the Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel in Gwangjin-gu is much beloved by senior citizens. The trail leading to the forest in Achasan (Mountain) is also a pleasant path for nature lovers. Other recommended walking paths leading to mountains include the path along Ansan (Mountain) in Seodaemun-gu; the path within Ujang Park in Gangseo-gu; Banghwa Park; and the walking trail at the entrance to Gwanaksan (Mountain) near the main gate of Seoul National University.



    According to the Korea Meteorological Administration, the autumnal leaves at Bukhansan (Mountain) and in downtown Seoul will be at their most beautiful around October 27 and early November, respectively, this year.