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  • The opposite of best is good

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 3234

    The 120 Dasan Call Center is was major part of the Metropolitan Government’s “creative administration” drive and has become the pride of Seoul that not only other local governments in Korea but also the central and local governments of global cities are eager to learn about.

    I am especially proud of the fact that the 120 Dasan Call Center wasn’t satisfied with its initial success and continued to develop to become, in the space of three years, a masterful service that provides maximum satisfaction to customers.

    Now we are standing at the line for another start. The opposite of the word ‘best’ is not ‘worst’ but ‘good’. It’s because the moment when we believe we have achieved our best, we tend to lose our original resolution and grow complacent. Let’s tie the strings of our shoes again to ensure an even better history for the 120 Dasan Call Center.

    – From the speech at the third anniversary ceremony of the 120 Dasan Call Center on Sept 13, 2010