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  • The Largest Number Ever of Business Tourists from Greater China to Visit Korea

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    More than 5,700 people engaged in the finance and insurance industries in the Greater China region will visit Seoul to attend the International Dragon Award (IDA), which will take place at COEX from August 4-7. Also, more than 2,000 staff members from AIA Insurance Thailand will come to the Korean capital to participate in an annual conference from September 8-12.

    The International Dragon Award 2010 opening ceremony, The International Dragon Award 2010 VIP welcoming reception

    IDA is an annual event hosted by the World Chinese Insurers Association. The event brings ethnic Chinese people, who are engaged in the insurance industry, together from all around the world.

    The Seoul event is notable because it will be the largest ever scale international event for people of greater China, and it is the second event that will be held in a country outside of the Greater China region, after Thailand.

    The convention will take place at the COEX exhibition center for four days. The event will be comprised of an award ceremony, an opening ceremony, a presentation of success cases, education sessions, subcommittee meetings, special lectures, and a closing ceremony. Additionally, a tour program that will allow visitors to experience Seoul at night, and tours to Seoul and Jeju will be conducted before, during, and after the event.

    Also, the annual meeting of AIA Insurance Thailand, which will take place during September 8-12, is a corporate conference that will be held as an incentive for sales agents who have achieved the annual sales goals set by the company. Seoul, which expressed strong commitment to hosting the conference last year, was picked as the host city last year, beating out Singapore and Sydney.

    Meanwhile, the corporate conference market in China, which is witnessing a robust economic growth and booming international exchange in recent years, is emerging as a global “Blue Ocean” market. Thus, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has been revising incentive programs and participating in related overseas fairs since 2010 in a steadfast effort to attract conferences to Seoul.

    As a result, a total of 28 corporate conferences, including Nu Skin China, will take place in Seoul this year, bringing in a total of 1,624 business tourists from China.

    In tune with the growth of corporate conferences for ethnic Chinese and the Greater China region, the number of Chinese tourists who have visited Korea during this year’s first half, jumped 14% to hit 919,937.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is proactively staging onsite promotional activities, including tourism fairs and trade shows, in the Chinese and Southeast Asian regions. The city’s government is also expanding its marketing campaigns by using local online media, including Facebook and YouTube.

    *Contact: Tourism Division, Culture, Design & Tourism Headquarters (+82-2-2171-2463, +82-2-2171-2453)