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  • The Hangang, even more picturesque in winter

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    The Hangang Project Headquarters recently unveiled a list of ‘riverside places along the Hangang to take a great photograph’ at its Web site (http://hangang.seoul.go.kr). Compared with other seasons, these places are more picturesque in winter and are close enough to enjoy the hidden charm of the river. How about taking a walk around one of the places with your loved one?

    Gangseo Wetland Ecological Park, a paradise of winter migratory birds

    When you stroll down the path toward Haengjudaegyo from the Gangseo Information Center, you will find the marshland ecological park. Also, when you head to the research center for birds at Banghwadaegyo, you will see winter migratory birds on the Hangang.

      How to get there:

    • Please visit the website : http://hanganggis.seoul.go.kr/map.do
    • For more information, please call 02-3780-0621, Gangseo Wetland Ecological Park Information Center

    Yeouido Saetgang Ecological Park, a place where you can feel the breath of wildlife

    Yeouido is one of the most bustling places in Seoul, but it has an ecological park where you feel as if you are in the middle of a remote forest. If you visit the Yeouido Saetgang Ecological Park, you will feel as if time stands still. Within a dense cluster of willow trees, rabbits appear and geese swim in a pond there. This is one of the best places to take a photo of nature in the city.

      How to get there:

    • Please visit the website : http://hanganggis.seoul.go.kr/map.do
    • For more information, please call 02-3780-0570, Yeouido Saetgang Ecological Park Information Center

    If you would like to take a photo of a sunset in Seoul, go to the observation decks on Dongjakdaegyo, Hangangdaegyo

    The observation deck on Dongjakdaegyo is the only rooftop observation deck among the bridges of the Hangang. It offers the most picturesque view of the Hangang with the sun setting toward the south and 63 Bldg. Another observation deck on Hangangdaegyo is one of places where people enjoy a beautiful sunset. In particular, this place is famous for a view of the sunset associated with the reed beds in Ichon.

    When you fall in love, visit Seonyudo Park

    Couples often walk along a romantic maze-like path with trees and grasses that crosses Seonyugyo and then head to a park in Nodeul-gil. In addition, Seonyudo Mujigae Bridge and the remaining water-purification facilities at the park can be used as a good background for a photo. As Seonyudo Park is open until midnight, many people take photos of the nightscape.