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  • Seoul’s Hallyu Tour Courses Recommended by Global Seoul Mates

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    The Global Seoul Mates is a group of voluntary representatives overseas who introduce Seoul to countries around the world via the Internet.

    This article is about some of Seoul’s Hallyu tour courses that have been for chosen and recommended by Global Seoul Mates who love this city more than anyone.

    It is not shown on the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s organization chart, but there is a special overseas PR team that promotes Seoul to the world. They are called the Global Seoul Mates, and they serve as overseas PR representatives for the city. These people, from all around the world, love Seoul so much that they voluntarily upload content on Seoul to their social media sites, thereby introducing the Korean capital to others.

    Anyone who lives in Korea or overseas and has had a chance to visit Seoul, or anyone who just loves this city, is eligible to apply to become one of the Global Seoul Mates. People who can actively introduce Seoul online are selected, and they serve as Global Seoul Mates for a period of one year. Since the selection of the first group in May 2012, a total of 218 people in 30 countries worldwide have come to serve as Global Seoul Mates.

    The Global Seoul Mates take part in missions initiated by Seoul Metropolitan Government on a quarterly basis. The current mission is “to introduce Hallyu tour courses in Seoul”.

    They are tasked with picking their favorite from among five themes, K-pop, Korean television dramas and movies, weddings, fashion and beauty, and gourmet restaurants for celebrities, and then introduce particular hotspots in Seoul that match their respective themes to people who have never experienced the city.

    A total of 62 people are participating in this current mission, and they have introduced 88 hotspots and tour courses. What do these recommended Seoul Hallyu tour courses look like?

    As expected, the majority of Global Seoul Mates chose the categories of K-pop and television dramas and movies, which are the driving force of Hallyu. Tour courses that include gourmet restaurants, hotels, and popular locations that were featured in various Korean dramas are believed to be so jam-packed with exciting activities that a mere two days is not enough for fans of Korean dramas to visit and adequately enjoy all of them.

    Notably, a Global Seoul Mate in China uploaded her wedding photos and vivid travel essays on her wedding and honeymoon experience in Seoul.

    From among the various Seoul tour courses recommended by the Global Seoul Mates, Seoul Metropolitan City will select those who recommended great courses, based on the course’s originality and quality, and will provide them with certain free offers. Also, the courses that are selected as quality programs will actually be used when creating the “Hallyu tour courses,” provided by the city of Seoul.

    As the courses have been chosen and recommended by foreigners who love Seoul, they will likely be helpful in developing tours that are more practical and successful than the tours of the past.