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  • The free Welcome Postcards service is popular with foreigners visiting Seoul

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    The “Free overseas mailing of welcome postcards” service is extremely popular among foreigners visiting Seoul. The service is being offered by the Seoul Metropolitan Government as part of its promotion of the “2010-2012 Visit Korea Years” campaign.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is offering foreign tourists free postcards so that they can write to their families and friends back at home about their wonderful experiences and memories in Seoul. Once done with their writing, foreign tourists just put their postcards in the postboxes by them. The city government pays for the postage. The designs of the postcards include 8 major tourist assets of the capital city. The postcards are available at 11 places, including some major tourist information desks, throughout the city.

    A total of 33,000 post cards were sent overseas for three months from the end of April to the end of July 2012. They contained foreign visitors’ vivid stories and emotions about Seoul. The service is believed to have achieved significant word-of-mouth effects while upgrading the image of Seoul among a countless number of people.

    In terms of nationalities, 71% of the service users were Chinese, including people from Taiwan and Hong Kong, and 20% were Japanese. The weekly volume of postcards sent overseas so far this year has been around 2,000, which is a twofold increase over 2011.

    The government anticipates that more than 60,000 postcards will be mailed in 2012. In terms of advertising effects, it believes that the figure 60,000 could translate into 200,000, if not more, because the postcard recipients will amount to 60,000, as the number of people who just take the postcards with them will reach another tens of thousands, and the people who will hear positive comments from these people will also reach a few tens of thousands of people.

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