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  • The “Digital Mayor’s Office,” Where Citizens Become the Mayor

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    # Director Kim from Mapo-gu used the “Digital Mayor’s Office” to check the level of particulate matter on his mobile phone before leaving for work. On the bus, he used the same platform to read the city news, and even made weekend plans based on information on cultural events being held this week, Ttareung rental stations, and pedestrian-friendly streets. He shared related information with his friend via SNS. This is what Seoul citizens will be able to experience with the opening of the “Digital Mayor’s Office.”

    The Digital Mayor’s Office located on the sixth floor of City Hall is a large screen on the wall that is packed with displays of all administrative information on traffic, disaster areas, prices, and other information directly related to citizens’ lives. Starting in April, citizens will be able to access the information that is given to Mayor Park Won-soon, through their personal computers and smartphones, and at subway transfer stations.

    Digital Mayor’s Office

    Seoul developed the “Digital Mayor’s Office” in 2017. It is the first platform in the world that integrates all administrative information and ICT in Seoul, taking the lead in smart governance. The “Digital Mayor’s Office” will be available to the public to allow citizens to see Seoul through the mayor’s eyes, as a plan to implement administrative innovation where “citizens become the mayor.”

    The “Digital Mayor’s Office” is a state-of-the-art system with a collection of 16 million administrative big data out of a total of 290 systems in Seoul, including Seoul Open Data Plaza and TOPIS, data from 1,200 CCTV’s in Seoul, and civil complaint data like the 120 Dasan Call Center.

    Every day, Mayor Park Won-soon utilizes real-time data such as the status of the city, major projects, municipal status, and citizen opinion, in addition to key municipal policies, through the “Digital Mayor’s Office.”

    Following the release of the “Digital Mayor’s Office,” the city saw positive responses both domestically and abroad. Mayor Park participated in the WeGo General Assembly held in Russia in June 2017 and spoke to 110 city representatives to generate further interest. Recently, city representatives from Beijing, China and Belgium visited Seoul and learned more about the “Digital Mayor’s Office.”

    The newly introduced “Digital Mayor’s Office” can be found on the “Social Mayor’s Office” page of the Seoul website (mayor.seoul.go.kr). The “responsive web” design that optimizes screen size for various devices was utilized to allow for viewing on PC’s, mobile phones, and tablet devices.

    Digital Mayor’s Office

    Two-way communication was also strengthened. For example, the menu of corrective indicators on the “Digital Mayor’s Office” allows citizens to participate directly in corrective evaluation by posing questions about the achievement of such corrective indicators and comparing such results to predicted figures. Citizens can also share contents of interest with others through the SNS sharing function.

    In addition, 100-inch screens containing the “Digital Mayor’s Office” platform were installed in the three major transfer stations of Yeouido Station, Hongik University Station, and Changdong Station. They are installed by gates, meeting areas, and places with high levels of citizen traffic. The screens display key contents such as public transportation arrival time, particulate matter levels, and the locations of walking trails and parks. The city planns to improve the system by collecting reactions and opinions of citizens who use the “Digital Mayor’s Office” platforms that are installed in subway stations.

    Digital Mayor’s Office

    Mayor Park Won-soon commented, “The ‘Digital Mayor’s Office’ is an innovative system that integrates the smart technology of Seoul, the number one e-governing city, with the result of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s philosophy, which is a governance where citizens are the mayor. After two years of beta-testing and actual use by me, the Mayor of Seoul, the ‘Digital Mayor’s Office’ will now be available to citizens for access to and sharing of information.”