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  • The city of Seoul exchanges energy policies with Singapore

  • Integrated News SMG 1736

    A total of 12 visitors, including the Director of the Building & Construction Authority, architects, and engineers, from Singapore came to Seoul to benchmark the energy policy of the city of Seoul. They visited environmentally friendly buildings such as the New Seoul City Hall and the Energy Dream Center in Sangam-dong, and they also learned about various energy policies being implemented by Seoul.

    Considering the fact that most of these visitors are working in environment related fields, the representatives of the city of Seoul gave a brief presentation on its energy saving and efficiency projects for its existing buildings and offered an onsite tour of the buildings.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government concentrated on presenting the background and progress of the projects in which Singaporean visitors were particularly interested. This included the disclosure of energy use information about buildings listed in the “Seoul City Energy Conservation Code,” the expansion of energy diagnosis requirements, and the provision of guidelines on the maintenance of interior temperatures for each season.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government also explained the “Comprehensive Measures for the One Less Nuclear Plant Project,” which is being operated to change the city from being an energy-consuming city to a city that saves energy and produces renewable energy such as solar power.

    The visitors from Singapore also made presentations on the major policies of Singapore, such as policies on the construction of green buildings, and they discussed with the government various related issues that need to be resolved as leading cities in Asia.

    The city of Seoul plans to construct a network with major countries and cities in Asia to share information with them and to seek cooperative measures.