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  • “The Charms of Seoul” Global Content Contest

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    “Seoul You Want to Revisit” The Charms of Seoul Global Content Contest

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is holding “The Charms of Seoul” global content contest to discover various appearances and attractions of Seoul in many fields, including history, culture, tourism, safety and IT, under the theme of “Seoul You Want to Revisit.” Participants are encouraged to share their captured appearances and attractions of Seoul to vicariously give delight to citizens via online tour due to COVID-19 travel restrictions and to promote Seoul as a city that people want to visit in the post-COVID-19 era. Selected excellent works will be used for Seoul’s domestic and global promotion through the SMG’s various social media channels. The SMG is looking forward to many participants submitting their work to “The Charms of Seoul” global content contest.

    1. Contest: The Charms of Seoul

    2. Content: Seoul You Want to Revisit – Various appearances and attractions of Seoul in diverse fields of history, culture, tourism, safety, IT, etc.

    ○ Online tour of Seoul’s tourist attractions (e.g. mountains, rivers, plazas, streets) and culture (e.g. Hallyu, food, history)
    ○ Seoul where tradition and modernity, nature and city, and passion and leisure coexist
    ○ Charms of Seoul where historical culture, such as Gyeongbokgung Palace, and latest fashion trends, such as K-pop and Hallyu, coexist
    ○ Seoul with various charms as a safe city or IT city
    ○ Seoul, a smart global city with diversity
    ※ Diverse attractions and appearances of Seoul to promote Seoul domestically and globally in the post-COVID-19 era
    ※ Participants must comply with social distancing as well as disease control and prevention regulations

    3. Eligibility: Open to all (※ Up to three individuals per team)

    ○ Korean nationals, non-Korean residents living in Korea, and international participants

    4. Category: Video and image

    Category: Video and image
    Category Type Size
    Video Advertisement, animation, VR, music video, etc. • Length: Longer than 10 sec and shorter than 5 min
    • Resolution: 1920×1080 px (16:9)
    • Format: mp4 recommended
    Image Poster, illustration, CG, drawing, photo, webtoon • Size: Resolution higher than 300 dpi
    – Recommended size: Poster (A2), illustrations/CG/drawings (A3), photo (11”×14”, +2 M high quality)
    • Format: jpg (smaller than 20 MB)
    ※ No photoshopped photos
    ※ Children submissions: 318×234 mm drawing paper (using crayon, paint, etc.); original painting must be submitted after being selected
    ※ Videos and images can be created using the Haechi character (e.g. Seoul Travel with Haechi)
    ※ Copyright must be observed for music, images, and footage included in videos.
    ※ Photoshopped images are subject to disqualification.

    5. Period

    ○ Submissions: Wed, Apr. 21 – Sun, May 30
    ○ Announcement: Mon, Jul. 5 (on the SMG website; notified to individuals)
    ○ Award Ceremony: Beginning of July (online ceremony is scheduled)
    ※ Timeline is subject to change according to circumstances; changes will be notified via website.

    6. Application

    ○ Submit online:
    [Korean] https://forms.gle/tj98ryM8YTkEvVG79
    [English] https://forms.gle/CHAC45fVSoLHeAh86

    – Fill out online: Application form, artwork description, privacy policy agreement
    – Links to video content must be submitted after uploaded on YouTube or social media
    ※ Invalid links will result in null application.

    7. Screening

    ○ (1st round) Preliminary screening: About basic requirements
    – The subject of the work, format (size and length), required documents, etc.
    ○ (2nd round) Citizens’ screening: Online preference survey targeting citizens
    – Period: Mon, Jun. 7 – Fri, Jun. 11
    – Method: YouTube analytics (i.e. shares, views, comments, likes)
    ○ (3rd round) Experts’ screening: Attributing scores according to the assessment items and selection of winners
    Assessment Item Score Judge
    (2nd round) Citizens’ Preference 20 Citizens
    (3rd round) Degree of Creativity 25 Experts
    Conformity to Theme 15
    Level of Completion 20
    Artwork Applicability 20
    Total 100

    8. Awarding

    ○ Method: Online awards ceremony
    ○ Prize Money: A total of KRW 30 million (for 48 works)
    Prize Video Image
    Grand Prize KRW 10 million for 1 winner
    Gold Prize 1 winner KRW 3 million 1 winner KRW 2 million
    Silver Prize 2 winners KRW 2 million 2 winners KRW 1 million
    Bronze Prize 3 winners KRW 1 million 3 winners KRW 500,000
    Participation Prize 10 winners KRW 200,000 10 winners KRW 100,000
    Special Prize KRW 100,000 for 15 winners (children’s works)
    ※ Children: Born after Jan. 1, 2009
    ※ If the prize money is given in foreign currency, the exchange rate of the payday will be applied.
    E.g. USD 1 = KRW 1,117 as of Apr. 7, 2021; KRW 10 million = USD 8,952.55

    9. Note

    ○ Anyone can participate in the contest freely but the submitted work will not be returned.
    ○ The submitted work must be your own creation.
    ○ You must submit an original copy of your artwork if your work passes the preliminary screening.
    ○ All participants must comply with copyright law.
    – You should address any copyright-related issues regarding portrait right, music, video, and images before you participate in the contest.
    – Any civil and criminal liability related to the copyright, portrait right, etc. of the submitted works belong to the participant.
    ○ Prize-winning works of other competitions, works of others, works using another person’s name illegally, and plagiarized works are excluded from being selected as winners. Even if these works are selected as a winner, the award-winning will be canceled and the prize money will be redeemed.
    ○ If your work is selected as a target of screening or a prize winner and you are asked to submit the original file and documents to check the qualification, you should follow the instruction. If you fail to submit them within a set period of time, your work will be excluded from the target of screening.
    ○ Depending on the number of submitted works and the screening results, all or some winners may not be selected.
    ○ The copyright of winning works belongs to the creators but the SMG can freely use (i.e. produce, copy, and distribute) the winning works as long as it serves the purpose of the contest or public purpose, as well as use the entire or part of winning works after changing them in respect to the purpose.
    ○ The timeline of the contest (open calls period, screening period, etc.) is subject to change and any changes will be notified on the SMG website.
    ○ The final winners must participate in the online awarding ceremony.

    10. Inquiries: “The Charms of Seoul” Global Content Contest Operation Office (☎+82-70-7730-7224, 7225)