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  • The Capital of Baekje, Hansan

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    • Period: December 13, 2013 ~ February 16, 2014
    • Location: Hanseong Baekje Museum, Special Exhibition Room
    • Contact: +82-2-2152-5916

    What is Mongchontoseong Fortress?

    Mongchontoseong Fortress was designated as a historical site (No. 297) in July 1982. Since the Seoul National University Museum had started the excavation of the site in November 1983, the work was continued for six years continuously until 1989.

    The Korean government and Seoul Metropolitan Government requested the Seoul National University Museum for the excavation of Mongchontoseong Fortress after Seoul was named host city for the 1988 Summer Olympic Games in 1981 and the neighborhood of Songpa-gu was chosen as an Olympic village site. Afterward, Seoul National University Museum and other organizations excavated the inside of Mongchontoseong Fortress for 1~6 months annually until 1989, except 1986.

    The new findings were as follows:
    The length of the wall of Mongchontoseong Fortress is 2,285 meters, and the area is 216,000 m². There was also an external castle 270 meters long on the slope of mountains outside the wall between the East Gate and the North Gate.

    The excavation teams discovered the hardened ground for the primitive style of houses, a house site with main pillars, and a pond site on the high level of the southwestern area of the castle. They also found small and large primitive-style house sites and holes for storage, etc. A wooden fence for protection and a moat were also found outside the castle by the excavation teams.

    The relics found in Mongchontoseong Fortress include coin-shaped potteries, scale armor, gold-plated belt, and shackles for horses as well as a bunch of arrowheads. In particular, there were many Baekje-style three-legged crockeries, heightened plates, and cylindrical bowls and dishes.

    Contents of the Special Exhibition

    The exhibition is made of three parts (the past, the present, and the future of Mongchontoseong Fortress): The Past: Exploring the royal city of Hansan depicting the dream of King Geunchogo; The Present: Reviewing the successful result of excavation in the 1980s.; The Future: Dreaming of the revival of a royal city of the Baekje Dynasty.

    The Past of Mongchontoseong Fortress: The Royal City, Hansan -To introduce the royal culture of Baekje, the period of Hanseong based on relics discovered in the 1980s, such as cylindrical bowls and dishes, scale armor made of bones, etc.

    The Present of Mongchontoseong Fortress: People in Dream Village – To exhibit the excavation data borrowed from Seoul National University, Hanyang University, and Dankuk University Museums in reviewing the historical merit of the excavation in the 1980s

    The Future of Mongchontoseong Fortress: Dreaming of a Baekje exhibition, Hanseong Baekje Museum’s plan for excavation will be advertised, and an experiential exhibition of excavation will be held.

    Opening Event

    – Date: 3PM, Monday, Dec. 16, 2013
    (Special Lecture: “The Royal City of the Hanseong Era and Mongchontoseong Fortress in Baekje”)

    Special Lecture

    – Date: Mon., Dec. 16, 2013 ~ Thurs., Feb. 13, 2014
    – Place: Hanseong Baekje Hall