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  • The 5th Seoul Brand Global Forum “Seoul Initiative: The Future of City Leadership”

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    Seoul, the host of global scholars the future of city leadership Leenalchi Simon Anholt Author of Brand New Justice Jacques Attali Author of A Brief History of the Future Guy Sorman Author of An Optimist Diary 5th Seoul Brand Global Forum Seoul Initiative: Leading the direction of a global city brand in the new global era caused by COVID-19 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Future of City Leadership
5th Seoul Brand Global Forum
Approx. 4 hours starting 2 PM (GMT+9) on Wed, Oct. 28, 2020
Online Live Stream_Seoul Brand Forum
At Seoul Citizens Hall’s Seoul ON (video conference studio in Taepyeong Hall)
Session 1 (2:25–3:25 PM) Insights from Global Speakers
Session 2 (3:25–3:50 PM) Musical Performance
Session 3 (3:50–5:40 PM) Discussion with Korean Experts

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will be holding the 5th Seoul Brand Global Forum online on Wed, Oct. 28, 2020 from 2 to 6 PM with the theme “Seoul Initiative: The Future of City Leadership.” The SMG is aiming to illuminate the role and future development of city leadership in the post-coronavirus age and look for the global leadership and vision that Seoul has to be equipped with as a leader of international cities.

    World-class scholars, such as Simon Anholt, world’s leading authority on national image and the creator of the term “nation branding,” Guy Sorman, visiting professor at Paris Institute of Political Studies and a globally acclaimed critic of culture and civilization, and Jacques Attali, author of A Brief History of the Future and Vivement après-demain will participate in in-depth discussions.

    The forum will be hosted at Seoul Citizens Hall’s video conference studio Seoul ON in Taepyeong Hall and live-streamed to the world via Seoul’s YouTube channel for anyone to join and watch.

    ○ Seoul’s YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/seoullive (Korean)
    www.youtube.com/seoulcityofficial (English)

    The forum will comprise: Session 1 “Pioneer Initiative,” featuring presentations by the visiting scholars followed by Q&A; Session 2 “Healing Initiative,” an online concert by Leenalchi; and Session 3 “Paradigm Initiative,” featuring presentations and discussions by Korean experts.

    The first session is the virtual forum to share the future of cities envisioned by the world’s top scholars and the initiatives of Seoul. The world-famous scholars Simon Anholt, Guy Sorman and Jacques Attali will give their presentations, followed by Q&A sessions. This forum is anticipated to be the venue to illuminate the role of global cities following the changes of the age and seek the brand strategy of Seoul as the future city model.

    In the second session, a music program will take place—Leenalchi, a seven-member gugak fusion band, will give a special online concert. Against the typographic background that contains the messages of hope and consolation, Leenalchi will give the performance of the song “Tiger is Coming” that will blow away the coronavirus blues.

    The third session is the time to seek the future of the city brand of Seoul by Korean experts. Proposals will be presented by Park Jin-yeong of the Citizens’ Ombudsman Commission, Lim Hye-bin, professor of the Department of Industrial Psychology at Kwangwoon University, Jeon Jong-woo, professor of the School of Communications at Dankook University, Kim Ju-ho, former vice-chairman of the PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympic & Paralympic Games, and Choi Eun-jeong, professor of the Department of Business Administration at Sangmyung University, Who will lead the discussion on the strategy for Seoul to take a leap in the new global age.

    The SMG will select 50 individuals among those who watched the Seoul Brand Forum online. Citizens who want to participate should visit the official website and register for the event in advance.

    ○ The official website of the Seoul Brand Forum: www.seoulbrandforum.or.kr