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  • The 3rd Human City Design Award Presents “Safety and Security” Special Prize in the COVID-19 Era

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and the Seoul Design Foundation (SDF) will hold the 3rd Human City Design Award to recognize teams of designers that resolve various urban issues with creative solutions, and contribute to creating a better world.

    Held for the third time this year, 2021 Human City Design Award expanded the award categories from urban, spatial and environmental fields to all design areas. In addition, “Safety and Security” Special Prize was newly introduced to celebrate designs that have made substantial contribution to citizens’ life and safety in the pandemic era. Safety and Security Special Prize is presented to a design work (one team) that safely protected the city from infectious diseases, natural disasters, and crime. For example, a design team displaying insight and wisdom to overcome the COVID-19 crisis and prepare for the post-COVID-19 era will be a strong candidate.

    Entries are received from September 1 to October 10 via the Human City Design Award website (http://humancitydesignaward.or.kr).

    The judging criteria are resolution of issues in urban life, global value expansion, and presentation of future vision through design. Following the first and second screening processes, the panel of judges will select ten teams as the candidates for the Grand Prize. These teams will receive the Prize of Distinction and prize money (KRW 5 million). The final one team selected through the third screening will be award the Grand Prize along with a trophy and prize money (KRW 50 million). The award ceremony will be held in March next year.

    The Grand Prize winners in the last two years were “Dunoon Learning and Innovation Project (2019)” and “Countless Cities (2020).” Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, last year’s event had 99 projects from 31 countries competing for the prize, drawing the world’s attention in only two years since its foundation.

    Human City Design Award Winners (2019–2020)

    1. Dunoon Learning and Innovation Project (2019) – For healthy local communities

    Dunoon Learning and Innovation Project

    Although the population has expanded more than fivefold over the past two decades, community Dunoon is fraught with insufficient infrastructure and dilapidated facilities. Since 2013, the Dunoon Learning and Innovation Project has been tackling this problem by building sports facilities and libraries using containers to create hope for the future by opening access to learning for local residents.

    2. Countless Cities (2020) – Rural villages as exhibition and community spaces

    Countless Cities

    Turning an old abandoned house in the heart of the Favara, Sicily into a communal space for contemporary art exhibition has led to an urban transformation. Countless Cities is a design project that has transformed a city with almost no tourist over a decade into a city visited by 100,000 tourists through a design art regeneration, creating a city where people want to live and visit.