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  • The 24th Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF2020)

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    “SICAF Online Playground” to open online for 5 days, from November 11 (Wed.) to 15 (Sun.)

    The 24th Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF) will be held online under the theme of “SICAF Online Playground” for 5 days, from November 11 to 15. The animation film festival will be open through Naver Series On, while the exhibition and online events can be accessed through SICAF’s official website and its YouTube and Naver TV channels. Various online programs that encourage the interaction and participation of visitors are adding to the excitement surrounding the opening of the SICAF Online Playground.

    Animations of the SICAF Animation Film Festival to be screened through “Naver Series On”

    This year’s SICAF Animation Film Festival will be collaborating with Naver Series On, an online platform that features the latest cartoons, webtoons, and animation films. For the international competition section, 69 films from 24 countries made it into the main competition. Countless animations that were not easily available to most people will be accessible via the mobile app or the website of Naver Series On, featuring 63 of the 69 films that made it into the main competition, Ukrainian animations that will be screened in collaboration with the independent short animation film festival, Linoleum Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival, and a special screening of 2020 Nyeon Ujuui Wonder Kiddy, an animation set in the year 2020 that was aired by Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) in 1989.

    <2020 Nyeon Ujuui Wonder Kiddy>

    Voice actors got together to celebrate the largest cartoon and animation festival of Asia. “Voice Actors’ Day,” a special event where animation fans get the opportunity to meet reputable voice actors, is one of the most popular programs of SICAF. Viewers will be presented with two live broadcasts on “Voice Actors’ Day”. The first day, “Voice Actors’ Day 1: Dream, Hope, and Courage,” will feature voice actors Kang Su-jin, Moon Seon-hui, Jeong Mi-suk, Choi- Deok-hui, and Kim Jang, the main voice actors of Case Closed, One Piece, Pokémon Detective Pikachu, and Sailor Moon, who will share the adventurous story of a magical girl. The second day, “Voice Actors’ Day 2: Climb up the Tower of God,” will feature voice actors Kim Myeong-jun, Shim Gyu-hyeok, Yang Jeong-hwa, and Choi Nak-yun, who act in Tower of God, one of the hottest webtoons on Naver that accumulated 4.5 billion hits. “Animation Music and Stories that will Inspire You” was also prepared, in which music director Choi Yong-won, a veteran in the field of Korean animation music, and writer Park Ji-yeon, a talented animation storyteller, will participate to talk about music that gives more life to animations and share other stories about their work and productions.

    Cartoon exhibitions to be displayed through the official website, YouTube, and Naver TV

    Being able to experience and appreciate films while interacting with the characters are special features of the “SICAF Online Playground.” SICAF has been selecting cartoons of the year and featuring them in its exhibition program. This year, it has selected Naver’s popular webtoon Jeongnyeoni (written by Seo Ireh, illustrated by Namon) and Yeolse Salui Yeoreum (written and illustrated by Lee Yoon-hee). Also, it will introduce various works by independent authors and host an exhibition that will feature a retrospective of the late Lim Jeong-gyu, the director of Maruchi Arachi. There will be a variety of events for participants to enjoy throughout the whole program that will take advantage of the online platform, including a VR exhibition utilizing the latest technologies, interviews with authors, and animation experiences. The exhibition and online events will be accessible through SICAF’s official website as well as its YouTube and Naver TV channels starting on November 11.

    <Jeongnyeoni> <Yeolse Salui Yeoreum>

    For more information, please visit the SICAF website (sicaf.org) or social media channels.