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City of Seoul

  • The 1st Seoul KOREAN Traditional Music Festival Seoul Korean Music Festival Seoul Plaza

  • City of Seoul SMG 2861
    The 1st Seoul Korean Traditional Music Festival

    Let’s have some fun with Korean traditional music!
    All about gugak the traditional music at Seoul Plaza

    Traditional Music Blooms at Seoul Plaza

    Master Sook-Seon Ahn (Important Intangible Cultural Heritage No.23)
    Master Choon-Hee Lee (Impertant Intangible Cultural Heritage No.57)

    해금연주자 강은일 거문고 연주자 허윤정의 여유만끽 국악소리
    Eun-Il Gang (Art Director at Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Music Theater)
    Yoon-Jeong Huh (Art Director at Korean Music Festival of Bukchon)
    Seoul Metropolitan Traditional Orchestra

    In September, we invite you to Seoul, where Traditional Music can be dyed

    Performances of Korean traditional music stars
    Taepyeongyang Yoo, Bo-Gwon Jeong, Joon-Soo Kim

    Play with traditional Music! Fly with the Korean Traditional Music!
    The 1st Seoul Korean Traditional Music Festival