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  • Tentative Closure of 15 Sports Facilities and 58 Cultural Facilities in Seoul

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    Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, sports and cultural facilities in Seoul have been temporary closed. As the crisis level has risen to “red” (Level 4), sports and cultural facilities will be tentatively closed until further notice to prevent the spread of the virus. Therefore, 15 metropolitan sports facilities, such as Jamsil Gymnasium and Gocheok Sky Dome, will be closed starting Feb. 24. Moreover, 58 metropolitan cultural facilities, such as metropolitan libraries, museums, galleries and Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), will be closed starting Feb 25. However, 13 cultural facilities, such as the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts’ concert halls, will not be closed due to pre-existing reservations and leases, and will instead operate under separate safety measures.

    Closed Municipal Sports Facilities
    – 15 facilities to be tentatively closed starting Monday, Feb. 24
    – Seoul Olympic Stadium, Jamsil Auxiliary Stadium, Jamsil Gymnasium, Jamsil Swimming Pool 1, Guui Baseball Park, Mokdong Main Stadium, Mokdong Baseball Stadium, Shinwol Baseball Park, Jamsil Baseball Stadium, Mokdong Ice Rink, Hyochang Stadium, Seoul Work Cup Stadium, Jangchung Arena, Gocheok Sky Dome, Jamsil Swimming Pool 2

    Closed Cultural Facilities
    ※ Facilities that aren’t closed and are still open displayed in bold

    Tentative Closure of 15 Sports Facilities and 58 Cultural Facilities in Seoul
    No. Facility Status of Operation
    1 Donuimun Museum Village Closed
    2 Park Chung-hee, Choi Kyu-ha, Yi Sang-beom’s Houses Closed
    3 Bosingak Belfry Closed
    4 Hyehwa-dong Exhibition & Visitor Center Closed
    5 Seoul Museum of Korean Folk Music Closed
    6 Seoul Metropolitan Library Closed
    7 Seoul Historiography Institute Closed
    8 Seoul Baekje Museum Closed
    9 Seoul Museum of History (Main Building) Closed
    10 Gyeonggyojang Closed
    11 Baek Inje’s House Closed
    12 Donuimun Museum Closed
    13 Gongpyeong Historic Site Museum Closed
    14 Gyeonghuigung Palace Closed
    15 Seoul City Wall Museum Closed
    16 Dongdaemun History Museum Closed
    17 Dongdaemun Stadium Memorial Closed
    18 Cheong Gye Cheon Mueum Closed
    19 Seoul Urban Life Museum Closed
    20 Seoul Museum of Art (Main Building) Closed
    21 Nam-Seoul Museum of Art Closed
    22 Buk-Seoul Museum of Art Closed
    23 SeMA Nanji Residency Open
    24 SeMA Bunker Closed
    25 SeMA Storage Closed
    26 Nam June Paik Memorial House Closed
    27 Namsan Arts Center Closed
    28 Samil-ro Changgo Theater Closed
    29 Seoul Silver Cinema Closed
    30 Sindorim Art Space Closed
    31 Chebudong Community Arts Support Center Closed
    32 Yun Geukyeong’s House Closed
    33 Donhwamun Traditional Theatre Closed
    34 Namsan Traditional Theatre Closed
    35 Peace Culture Bunker Closed
    36 Namsangol Hanok Village Closed
    37 Unhyeonggung Palace Closed
    38 Seoul Intangible Cultural Heritage Center Closed
    39 Seoul Treasure Den for Books Closed
    40 Sejong Grand Theater Open
    41 Sejong M Theater Open
    42 Sejong S Theater Open
    43 Sejong Chamber Hall Open
    44 The Story of King Sejong / The Admiral Yi Sunshin Exhibition Hall Closed
    45 Sejong Museum of Art 1, 2 Open
    46 Dream Forest Art Center Open
    47 Samcheonggak Open
    48 Sejong Arts Academy Closed
    49 Other accommodations (including the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra’s practice hall) Open
    50 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture Main Building Closed
    51 Seoul Theater Center (including Daehakro Practice Room) Closed
    52 Namsan Creative Center Closed
    53 Seoul Art Space Seogyo (downsized starting Feb. 8) Closed
    54 Seoul Art Space Geumcheon Open
    55 Seoul Art Space Sindang Open
    56 Seoul Art Space Yeonhui Open
    57 Seoul Art Space Mullae (closed starting Feb. 8) Closed
    58 Seoul Dance Center Closed
    59 Seoul Art Space Jamsil Open
    60 Seoul Art and Healing Hub Closed
    61 Seoul Art Space Gwanak (closed starting Feb. 6~) Closed
    62 Seoul Street Arts Creation Center Closed
    63 West Seoul Arts Center for Learning Closed
    64 (Formerly) Dongsoong Art Center Closed
    65 Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) Closed
    66 Seoul Design Support Center Closed
    67 Total Fashion (4 facilities) Closed
    68 Seoul Upcycling Plaza Closed