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    SMG 1689
  • Techno Mart is a 10-story building that contains all the technology in the world, from second-hand electronics to brand new, state of the art technology. At Techno Mart, you can find anything from computers and games, to offices supplies, home appliances and cameras. There is a movie theater on the 10th floor and a fun arcade where you can play games while you wait. There are restaurants on the 9th floor, and an outdoor garden with a great view. On the first floor, there is a fashion mall where people can come to shop for stylish clothing.

    How to get there:
    Gangbyeon Station, exit 1 or 2

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  • MITUL KANSAL 06/09/2017 (1:28 오전)

    Techno Mart is a sprawling electronics shopping center with each floor offering a different theme for shoppers to enjoy.