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  • Taxicab Pothole Report System Selected the Best Collaborative Work

  • SMG 2326

    The “Seoul Taxicab Pothole Report System” was selected as the Best Collaborative Work by the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs.

    A total of 255 collaborative works related to task reduction and information sharing, from various newly constructed institutions, as well as public institutions, were registered in 2014. Among these, Seoul’s “Taxicab Pothole Report System” was selected as the best. In April 2013, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korea Smart Card Corporation, and Seoul Private Taxi Association signed a business agreement to implement the Taxicab Pothole Report System.

    Through the Taxicab Pothole Report System, private cab drivers, when they spot a pothole, can submit a report by pushing a button on the credit card terminal in their cab. Once the button is pushed, the location of the damage is automatically reported through the credit card terminal, which has a built-in GPS function.

    The reported location of the damage is automatically transferred to the Taxi Information System of the Korea Smart Card Corporation, and the location, the date reported, and date of repair are made available on the map.

    Currently, 400 cab drivers are participating in the system and over 4,200 potholes and other types of road damage have been reported up to now. These potholes are repaired within 24 hours.

    • Taxi Credit Card Terminal
    • Touching the Button on the Credit Card Terminal