Taxi Fare in Seoul Raised on October 12

The taxi fare in Seoul was raised effective 4:00 AM on October 12. For regular taxis, the base fare was raised by 600 won, i.e., from 2,400 won to 3,000 won, with additional fare charged based on distance (raised from 100 won per 144 m to 100 won per 142 m) and no changes in the additional fare charged based on time. For deluxe and van taxis, the base fare was raised by 500 won, i.e., from 4,500 won to 5,000, with no change in the additional fare charged based on distance and time. The fare for mini taxis was not raised this time, though.

For destinations outside Seoul, additional charge applies. The surcharge for midnight until 4:00 AM remains unchanged. The call charge for a call taxi was raised from 1,000 won per call to 2,000 only during midnight until 4:00 AM.

All taxis in Seoul should re-adjust their meters within a month. A passenger using a taxi that has not readjusted its meter should pay 600 won in addition to the meter reading.

The decision to raise the taxi fare was made after the session intended to listen to opinions at the Seoul Metropolitan Council, an open forum, and deliberation by the Price Stabilization Committee based on the result of the analysis of the transportation cost carried out in July in connection with the need to adjust to the changes in commodity prices and taxi drivers’ promise to improve the quality of service.


Type of TaxiCurrentAdjustmentIncrease %
RegularBase Fare2,400 won initial charge
(first 2km)
3,000 won10.9%
Add’lDistance100 won per 144m100 won per 142m
Idle100 won per 35 sec.No change
Deluxe/VanBase Fare4,500 won initial charge
(first 3km)
5,000 won4.3%
Add’lDistance200 won per 164mNo change
Idle200 won per 39 sec.
MiniBase Fare2,100 won initial charge
(first 2km)
No change
Add’lDistance100 won per 155m
Idle100 won per 37 sec.