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  • Targeting Gen MZ, “Seoul Online Video Travel” Shows City’s Popular Destinations

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    • Seoul Online Video Travel offers tours around Seoul’s popular places with K-pop singer & actor Kim Yo-han and model Cha Soo-Min
    • The content suits the taste of the generation MZ who prefers fresh experience and leads global travel trends
    • It will be a special gift for K-wave fans who have grown in number due to the increased popularity of Korean culture amid COVID-19

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, November 1, 2021 – In order to promote Seoul’s unique charm as a travel destination and garner global popularity, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has prepared special content to target overseas K-wave fans. The SMG recently announced that it would create trendy travel videos with K-pop star-turned-actor Kim Yo-han and famous model Cha Soo-Min, two rising Korean stars. The two stars will show various places in Seoul, from the very first Kwave tourism destination to the trendy places

    First of all, Kim will become a time traveler introducing the K-wave tour itinerary in “Time Travel in Seoul” video. With the concept of going out with Kim, viewers can make 40 different itineraries under past, present, or future themes. Based on what they choose from five themes and 30 places, 40 K-wave travel courses are available. Check out the Youtube channel of Visit Seoul TV (www.youtube.com/user/visitseoul) for more information.

    The “Time Travel in Seoul” offers virtual field trips for K-wave fans who want to visit Seoul as their first post-COVID travel destination. Fans can get ready for their trip to Seoul by checking out the videos prepared by the SMG. To be specific, they can indirectly experience K-Drama, K-Pop, KFashion, K-Beauty, and K-Food.

    Second, Cha will guide viewers to cultural sites in “Express Yourself from Seoul” video. Viewers can take virtual trips to Seoul’s most popular neighborhoods—Trendy Hannam, Retro Eulji-ro, Stylish Apgujeong, and Relax Seongsu via online videos.

    There will be more than just travel videos. Kim’s Beauty Room and Cha’s Retro Café will be created as VR rooms to provide live and realistic contactless K-wave experiences to potential tourists at home and abroad. Visit Seoul’s social media—Instagram and Tik Tok—will upload interviews of Kim and Cha, which show their travel styles, behind-the-scene clips, and online events.

    “I expect that the online travel videos will satisfy the taste of the generation MZ who sets the trend,” said Choi Kyung-Ju, Director General of Tourism & Sports Bureau. “While many countries are about to return to normalcy, Korean popular culture is gaining traction. I hope our online videos can be a special gift and exciting experience for K-wave fans.”

    Time Travel in Seoul with actor Kim Yo-han
    <Time Travel in Seoul with actor Kim Yo-han>
    Express yourself from Seoul with model Cha Soo-Min
    <Express yourself from Seoul with model Cha Soo-Min>