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  • How About Taking an Autumn Tour of Six Attractions in Seoul with Foreign Friends?

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is running the “Seoul Storytelling Tour” program for foreigners, free of charge, from June to October 2014 (30 tours).

    The “Seoul Storytelling Tour” comprises interesting and foreigner-friendly guided tours of various sights in different languages, allowing foreigners to fully appreciate and enjoy Korean culture, as well as a number of games to provide participants with memorable experiences of Korean culture. The tours are two hours long, and are held in six different areas: ① Sejong-daero Hangeul Gaon-gil, ② Seoul City Wall – Naksan Section, ③ Dongdaemun area ④ Seoul Baekje Hall Cultural Heritage, ⑤ Hangang (Banpo), and ⑥ Hangang (Yeouido).

    The tours are held on Thursdays between 2 pm and 4 pm (6:30 pm and 8:30 pm for the Hangang Banpo tour), and participation is free of charge. Each tour accepts 100 people on a first-come, first-served basis, with a minimum of 20 participants required. Koreans accompanying foreigners are welcome on the tour; otherwise, the tour is for foreigners only. The tours are operated in English, Chinese, or Japanese, depending on the date of the tour.

    So far, about 700 foreigners from 21 countries have participated in a total of 11 tours, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government expects a total of about 3000 foreigners to participate in the tours.

    Inquiries and Registration

    • 諮詢與報名 → www.seoulstory.org, ☎070-7596-6398, seoul_story@hanmail.net

    Seoul Storytelling Tour Courses

    • ▷ Sejong-daero Hangeul Gaon-gil ◁
      • Sejong Center for the Performing Arts – The Hall of the Salvation Army- The Korean Language Society – Doryeom Green Square – Gwanghwamun Square
      • Detailed View
    • ▷ Seoul City Hall – Naksan Section ◁
      • Marronier Park – Ihwa Mural Village – Naksan Pavillion – Naksan Park – Hyehwamun Gate
      • Detailed View
    • ▷ Dongdaemun ◁
      • Dongdaemun Design Plaza – Igansumun (water gate) – Dongdaemun History Museum – Dongdaemun (Heunginjimun)– Cheonggyecheon (Stream) – Pyounghwa Market – Doota (Doosan Tower)
      • Detailed View
    • ▷ Seoul Baekje Hall Cultural Heritage ◁
      • Seoul Baekje Museum – Mongchontoseong Fortress – Gommaldari Bridge – World Peace Gate
      • Detailed View
    • ▷ Hangang (Banpo) ◁
      • Moonlight Square-Floating Island-Seoraeseom Island-Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain Show
      • Detailed View
    • ▷ Hangang (Yeouido)
      • Yeouido Hangang Park Entrance – Nokeumsu Plaza – Night view from Mapo Bridge – Water Light Square – Seogangdaegyo Bridge
      • Detailed View
    • Sejong-daero
      (Statue of King Sejong the Great at Gwanghwamun)
    • Seoul City Wall
    • Dongdaemun (Heunginjimun)
    • Seoul Baekje (Gommaldari Bridge)
    • Hangang Banpo
    • Yeouido (Nokeumsu Plaza)