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  • Take a Walk along the 157-kilometer Seoul Dulle-gil this Spring!

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    Seoul’s Dulle-gil was opened on November 15, 2014, and has already gained national popularity as a great trekking course. Within the three months since its opening, 1,000 people have completed the 157-kilometer course, and the number of guide maps and stamp books distributed by the Seoul Metropolitan Government has reached about 71,000.

    <With Convenient Access and Eight Charming Trails, Dulle-gil Has Become a Popular Trekking Course>

    On the outskirts of the city, Seoul’s Dulle-gil is organized into eight trails, stretching a total of 157 kilometers, which encircle the city of Seoul. It is possible to complete all of the trails in about 10 days, if you take an eight-hour walk each day. While walking around the outskirts of Seoul, trekkers are able to take in a wonderful view of Seoul, enjoy nature, and visit the 35 historical and cultural attractions located along the trails.

    Access to Dulle-gil is very convenient as well. The start and end points of the trails are connected to a total of 23 subway stations, allowing people to easily reach the trails from anywhere in the city.

    Each Seoul Dulle-gil trail is special in its own way.
    For an easy walk, we recommend taking the Godeoksan and Iljasan Mountain trail, while the Suraksan and Bulamsan Mountain trail is perfect for those who want to enjoy a nice view of nature and lush forests. For the best view, try the Yongmasan and Achasan Mountain trail. The Gwanaksan Mountain trail and Daemosan and Umyeonsan Mountain trail are great for a nice stroll in the woods in the middle of the city, and the Anyangcheon Stream trail offers a charming view of a beautiful stream, while the Bukhansan trail and Bongsan and Aengbongsan Mountain trail provide diverse scenery for trekkers.

    ※ Eight courses

    • ① Suraksan and Bulamsan Mountain (18.6km, 8 hours 40 minutes)
    • ② Yongmasan Mountain (12.6km, 5 hours 10 minutes)
    • ③ Godeoksan and Iljasan Mountain (26.1km, 9 hours)
    • ④ Daemosan and Umyeonsan Mountain (17.9km, 8 hours)
    • ⑤ Gwanaksan Mountain (12.7km, 5 hours 50 minutes)
    • ⑥ Anyangcheon Stream (18km, 4 hours 30 minutes)
    • ⑦ Bongsan and Aengbongsan Mountain (16.6km, 6 hours 10 minutes)
    • ⑧ Bukhansan Mountain (34.5km, 17 hours)

    <Stamp Tour for Dulle-gil Trail Popular among Seoul Citizens; 1,000 People Completed All Trails>

    A stamp tour is available for those who wish to walk the full length of the Seoul Dulle-gil trails, with 1,000 citizens having already received certificates for finishing the walk. Recently, with the weather starting to warm up, the number of people coming to receive certificates has been increasing dramatically.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to develop Seoul’s Dulle-gil into a trail that all citizens, from students to the elderly, want to walk the full length of at least once in their lifetime. As part of such efforts, the city government will regularly host the “Seoul Dulle-gil Walking Festival” twice a year (in May and October), the semi-annual “100-Person Seoul Dulle-gil Expedition,” and monthly walking programs. In addition, various programs, such as forest guide programs, forest therapy, photography contests, and power blogger selections, will be offered at various times.

    • Seoul Dudeurim-gil : http://gil.seoul.go.kr