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  • Public may soon enjoy Squirrel Buses during Rush Hours

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    Take the Squirrel Bus during Rush Hour

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will install and operate four Squirrel Bus routes starting June 26, 2017 in areas with high volume of commuters and high traffic congestion.

    Squirrel Buses are customized rush hour buses that go back and forth between sections with extreme congestion. They operate on short sections with few buses, and is the city’s response to the citizens’ demand for less congestion and need for efficient bus operation.

    The four routes that will be on trial operation starting on June 26 include buses 8761 (Gwangheungchang Station – National Assembly), 8771 (Gusan Middle School – Nokbeon Station), 8551 (Bongcheong Station – Noryangjin Station) and 8331 (Macheon Intersection – Jamsil).

    Once the Squirrel Buses begin their operation, bus intervals are expected to reduce by 3 to 4 minutes on average for congested sections by operating buses between congested areas.

    Congested route buses that are operating in the customized bus section include buses 153 (Gwangheungchang Station – National Assembly Station), 702A & 702B (Gusan Middle School – Nokbeon Station), 500, 5535 (Bongcheong Station – Noryangjin Station) and 3315 (Macheon Intersection – Jamsil). They operate on intervals of 6 to 8 minutes. Once the Squirrel Buses are in operation, the waiting time for buses during rush hour is expected to reduce to 3 to 4 minutes.

    Trial routes will be operated for two hours on weekdays. Congestion relief conditions and the citizen response to the Squirrel Bus implementation will be monitored to determine the feasibility of expanded operations of the buses including operations after office hours and operations in other areas.
    Inquiries: Bus Policy Division 82-2-2133-2282

    ※ Four Routes for Trial Operation

    Four Routes for Trial Operation table
    Origin and Destination Cars Distance Interval No. of Operations Hours
    Gwangheungchang Station – National Assembly Station 4 8.5㎞ 9~12 minutes 12 07:00~09:00
    Gusan Middle School – Nokbeon Station 4 7.7㎞ 10~11 minutes 12 07:00~09:00
    Bongcheong Station – Noryangjin Station 5 12.3㎞ 10~12 minutes 11 07:00~09:00
    Macheon Intersection – Jamsil 5 12.1㎞ 10~11 minutes 12 07:00~09:00

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