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  • Symbols of Happiness: Design and the Birth of Daily Life, A New Alternative of Online Exhibition

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    DDP Design Museum, operated by the Seoul Design Foundation (SDF), was registered as a class 1 public museum on February 17, 2020, becoming the country’s first public design museum. In commemoration, the SDF is holding “Symbols of Happiness” as the first exhibition of the DDP Design Museum’s collection. The exhibition will be held online (http://symbolsofhappiness.or.kr/) for a year from December 2020 to December 23, 2021.

    Symbols of Happiness—reinterpreting daily life before the COVID-19 outbreak from the perspective of design—categorizes everyday life by looking into the design, advertising and text related to each of the following five actions: listening to music; watching TV; cleaning; doing laundry; and storing food. Visitors can look at daily life through products and design loved by Koreans. On the website, you can find five “islands” that symbolize five actions before discovering the meaning of design in our everyday life.

    The website also contains a video exhibition, in which the curator and relevant experts have a conversation about five actions in front of the collection of DDP. In addition, you can also watch the symposium “Symbols of Happiness: Talking about Exhibition after COVID-19” that was held on October 22, and “Design and the Birth of Daily Life” that was held on November 16 via the DDP YouTube channel.

    Moreover, Symbols of Happiness introduces the collection of DDP in an exhibition that was prepared with careful consideration about the new form of an exhibition in the situation of the global pandemic. The SDF not only showcases the collection on Symbols of Happiness but exhibits a total of 164 modern items housed in DDP Design Museum on E Museum, an online collection platform opens to the public. You can find the collection on the website, YouTube, and online symposium.