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  • Swimming Pools at Hangang River to Open on June 23

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    Swimming Pools at Hangang River to Open on June 23

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will operate outdoor swimming pools and water parks at Ttukseom, Yeouido, Gwangnaru, Mangwon, Jamsil, Jamwon, Nanji and Yanghwa between June 23 and August 27.

    Each swimming pool at the Hangang River is located in the heart of the city. Visitors can enjoy swimming while enjoying a great view of the river and take advantage of adult pools, teen pools, and kiddie pools while also using auxiliary facilities including shower facilities and a cafeteria.

    This year, the SMG will also offer a free shuttle service between the outdoor swimming pools at Gwangnaru and Jamsil every 30 minutes.
    Shuttle stop for Gwangnaru Outdoor Swimming Pool: Exit 1 of Cheonho Station
    Shuttle stop for Jamsil Outdoor Swimming Pool: Exit 5 of Jamsil Station

    The outdoor swimming pools at the Hangang River will be open from 9am to 7pm every day during the summer season. Admission for swimming pools is ▴5,000 won for adults, ▴4,000 won for teenagers, ▴3,000 for children aged six or above, and ▴free for children under six. Admission for water parks is ▴3,000 won for adults, ▴2,000 won for teenagers, and ▴1,000 won for children. Pool visitors are eligible to receive a 50% discount for parking.

    Public Transportation

    Public Transportation
    Swimming poolBus
    Ttukseom∘ Get off at Sinja Elementary School 2221, 2222, or 2415∘ Exit 2 or 3 of Ttukseom Resort Station (Line 7)+82-2-3780-0531
    Yeouido∘ Get off at Yoido Full Gospel Church 362, 463, 461, 753, 1002,5633, 5713, or 6623
    ∘Get off at Yeouido Park 261, 262, 5012, or 5615
    ∘Get off at the National Assembly 153, 5615, 5618, or 7613
    ∘ Exit 1 of National Assembly Station (Line 9)+82-2-3780-0561
    Gwangnaru (Shuttle in operation)∘ Get off at Cheonho Park 340, 3318, or 3411∘ Exit 3 of Amsa Station (Line 8)+82-2-3780-0501
    ∘ Shuttle∘ Exit 1 of Cheonho Station (Line 5 and 8)+82-2-3780-0501
    Mangwon∘ Community Bus 16
    ∘ Community Bus 9
    ∘ Take Exit 1 of Hapjeong Station (Line 2) and take Village Bus 16
    ∘ Take Exit 1 of Mangwon Station (Line 6) and take Village Bus 9
    Jamsil (Shuttle in operation)∘ Get off at Jamsilsaenae Station 301, 341, 351, 360, 362, 2415, 3217, 3411, 3412, 3217, 3418, or 4318∘ Exit 7 of Jamsilsaenae Station(Line 2)+82-2-3780-0511
    ∘ Shuttle∘ Exit 5 of Jamsil Station (Line 2 or 8)+82-2-3780-0511
    Jamwon∘Get off at Banpo Apartment 18-cha 351, 362, or 4318
    ∘ Get off at Sindong Middle School 143
    ∘ Exit 4 of Jamwon Station (Line 3)+82-2-3780-0531

    ※ The opening of the pools at Yeouido, Jamwon and Yangwha will be delayed until early July. The five pools at Gwangnaru, Mangwon, Ttukseom, Jamsil and Nanji will open as scheduled on June 23.