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  • Surveillance Cameras Installed at All Children’s Safety Zones

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 4629

    The SMG plans to install 151 additional surveillance cameras at Children’s Safety Zones in Seoul to leave no such zones uncovered by surveillance cameras by the end of the year.

    As of the end of last year, the percentage of Children’s Safety Zones covered by surveillance cameras stood at 97.3%, or 1,659 out of the 1,704 zones. The total number of such cameras installed now comes to 3,167.

    Surveillance cameras are installed on the roads close to elementary schools, kindergartens, and daycare facilities designated as Children’s Safety Zones to prevent crimes like kidnapping of children or violence against children and to protect children from traffic accidents caused by illegal parking.

    The 151 additional surveillance cameras will be installed at the following locations by the end of the year: 44 existing Children’s Safety Zones and 33 locations newly designated as Safety Zones (77 cameras in total), as well as additional cameras in existing Children’s Safety Zones that require additional surveillance due to a high possibility of traffic accidents in the judgment of the relevant autonomous district offices (74 cameras in total).

    The SMG will also pay attention to more efficient operation of the surveillance cameras installed in Children’s Safety Zones.

    The surveillance cameras installed in Children’s Safety Zones are monitored at all times by those dispatched from of the relevant autonomous district offices and the police at the control center to prevent crimes and cope with accidents promptly. The cameras are also used to prevent illegal parking in Children’s Safety Zones.

    The SMG will put the plan for installation of additional surveillance cameras into practice after close consultation with the relevant offices and after listening to opinions of local residents, as there may be many differing opinions, for example complaints about infringement of privacy.


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