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  • Support Project for Cultural Events of Seoul’s Foreign Community — 2010

  • Integrated News SMG 2674


    ■ Eligibility : Foreign cultural events to be held in 2010 in Seoul

    • Cultural event hosted by a foreign embassy or foreign community in Seoul
    • Cultural event hosted by a civic group


    ■ Subsidy Amount

    • Partial support for event expenses (within 80%)
    • Subsidy amount will be decided with differences ranging from 4~6 million KRW depending on the results of evaluation


    ■ Applicable Laws

    • The City of Seoul Subsidy Management Act, Article 4
    • Act on the Treatment of Foreigners in Korea, Article 3 and The City of Seoul Globalization Promotion Act, Article 9
    • Act on the Culture and Art Promotion, Article 39 and the Cultures, Arts, Sports, Tourism and Youth Promotion Policy Basic Guidelines


    ■ Obligations

    • Subsidies must not be used for any purpose other than the applied cultural event. Approval from the Mayor of SMG is required prior to making any changes in the content or budget of the event plan that occurred for special reasons.
    • Subsidies cannot be used for any other purpose, if violated, the decision to subsidize can be withdrawn, and the recipients can be ordered to return all subsidies.
    • Applicants must prepare an application, a document introducing the community, and a detailed event plan for application. After completion of the event, the applicant must submit a final report that includes the following documents and subsidy will be paid out within 30 days
      ▸ Accounting Documentation

      – For registered institutions: tax invoice or credit card receipts
      – For unregistered institutions or individuals: tax invoice or credit card receipts, cash receipts
      – Only accounting documentation that has been issued within the Republic of Korea is valid.
      ※ Please note that only the above mentioned accounting documents will be approved.


      ▸ Final Report (Attach the following documents)

      – Current Status of Host Organization
      – Summary of event and content details
      – Actual event expenses and detailed expenditure
      – Self-evaluation and participant satisfaction measurement results
      – Media report resources and other supporting evidence (photographs, etc.)


      ▸『 The City of Seoul Subsidy Management Act』shall apply to the method of subsidy distribution, usage, post management ,etc.

      ■ Application

      • Period : March 18, 2010 (Thu) ~ March 29, 2010 (Mon)
      • Required Documents : Application, document introducing the community, detailed event plan
        ※ Application form can be downloaded from the SMG homepage (http://www.seoul.go.kr) in the announcement section, or from the Seoul Global Center’s homepage (http://global.seoul.go.kr)
        ※ Additional documents may be required if necessary
      • Language: English or Korean (Korean if possible)
      • Application method : In person, e-mail , post (must arrive before the due date)
      • Where to apply : Seoul Metropolitan Government Competitiveness Policy Division (Seoul Global Center)
        – TEL : (02) 2075-4114 (Kor)/ 2075-4138 (Eng)
        – FAX : (02)723-3206
        – Address : Level 3, Press Center, 25 Taepyeongno 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-750
        – E-mail : nanumwoori@seoul.go.kr
        ※ Inquiries by e-mail preferred.