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  • Support measures for the 50+ Generation

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to lay the groundwork gradually to provide comprehensive supportive measures for the 50+ generation (those aged 50 to 64) by 2020, the first of its kind set up by a local government in Korea.

    First, the SMG will establish a small but dedicated network for providing support operating on the axis of ▲50+ Foundation, ▲50+ Campus, and ▲50+ Center.

    The 50+ Foundation will serve as a control tower and think tank in charge of planning and developing the content. The 50+ Campus will serve as the local platform providing specific education and training. The 50+ Center will serve as a foothold for the establishment of the network in local communities.

    The SMG will establish six 50+ campuses by 2018 and nineteen 50+ centers by 2020.

    The 50+ Generation feels uneasy about their future, wishes to continue working, and has no particular goal in mind regarding their careers and aspirations. These support facilities will start providing support for them in three sectors: ▲ Learning and exploration, ▲ Work and participation, and ▲ Culture and infrastructure.

    ① Learning and exploration

    First, the following programs will be provided to a total of 350,000 people over the next five years to help them design their second life after retirement: ▲50+ life schools, ▲ customized advanced courses, ▲50+ consultants (diverse customized educational/consulting programs.)

    “50+ life schools” is a session designed to help citizens set up a new life vision with a focus on time, relationship, residence, gender/lover, future society, travel, economy, work, and other aspects of life. It could be said to be a free semester system for the aged. Those selected from the “50+ consultants” course will be trained as consultants for life redesign.

    “50+ campuses” aim to produce 200,000 graduates from its 4,000 lectures and “50+ centers,” with 14,000 graduates from its 11,000 courses over the next five years.

    “50+ consultants”

    ② Work and participation

    The jobs proposed by the SMG for the 50+ Generation are called “encore careers,” designed to help them attain individual accomplishments based on their past experience as well as assist them in making valuable social contributions. The jobs will be divided into those in the public sector, where the SMG’s fund is invested, and those in the private sector carried out in cooperation with businesses.

    The jobs in the public sector will be divided into: ▲ those associated with welfare for senior citizens (coordinators for community lounges for senior citizens and for jobs suited for senior citizens) ▲ those focusing on past experience (job/career consultants, those teaching how to share with others, etc.) ▲ those specializing in settlement of local issues (e.g. safety guardians). The SMG expects that 12,000-plus jobs will be created by 2020.

    As for the jobs in the private sector, a leading type is the Seoul-type Encore Fellowship, targeting retirees from large-sized businesses and financial institutions. These are new job models launched by benchmarking the Encore Fellowship launched by big-name businesses like IBM and Intel. Retirees who have gone through a job-transfer education course are able to work in sectors like information technology, accounting, and financial consulting at non-profit organizations. The SMG will provide job-transfer education and explore avenues for them to work again.

    The SMG will also explore jobs with new concepts, like homestay businesses for those with assets and foreign language proficiency, docents, local food managers, and operators of cooperatives providing helping hands to SMEs usually suffering from shortages of employees.

    The SMG will also increase the spaces for development dedicated to retirees from the present 11 to 50 by 2020 and provide support for the establishment of social enterprises and cooperatives.

    Jobs in the public sector for the 50+ Generation

    ③ Culture and infrastructure

    The SMG will strive to expand the potential of people of the 50+ Generation remaining inactive by hosting exciting meetings to explore their possibilities with them. The SMG will also encourage them to engage in research activities, while developing such programs on an open competition basis.

    The SMG will also hold international conferences and forums associated with such ideas, while striving to find role models among the 50+ Generation.

    The SMG plans to invest a total of 195.6 billion won in the 50+ comprehensive supportive measures over the next five years and establish a web-like support network in cooperation with the National Pension Service (NPS), the Seoul Business Agency (SBA), and the private sector.

    On the morning of June 1, the SMG held an event celebrating the launch of the 50+ Foundation and a ceremony for signing agreements with relevant institutions at Seoul City Hall. That afternoon, the ceremony for the opening of the first 50+ campus was held at the Seoul Innovation Park in Eunpyeong-gu.

    Commenting on the SMG’s plan for provision of comprehensive supportive measures for the 50+ Generation, Mayor Park Won-soon said, “Failure to use the experience and wisdom accumulated by those of the the 50+ Generation is a great loss at the national level. It is high time to launch measures designed for them. With the 50+ Generation becoming active, the result will provide benefits to both young people and senior citizens. It is hoped that those belonging to this age group will take part in the program designed to provide them with a second life and breathe life into the entire city.”

    For inquiries, please call the Second Life Support Division ☎ 02-2133-7798.