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  • Summer Along the Han River !!

  • Global Seoul Mate Activities 1984

    Summer Along the Han River ! One of the best things about Seoul is the beautiful, ever-calm, ever-sparkling Han River that runs through it. And it’s more than just a sight for sore eyes. The river and its banks are the heart of the Hangang Park, which stretches across 12 districts, on both sides of the water. The Han River Renaissance Project greatly beautified the grassy green areas of the park starting about five years ago. Today, Seoul residents flock to the park in all weathers to stroll, bike or just take in the river. One especially lovely segment of the park is the Yeouinaru Han River Park, in Yeouido, the center of Korean politics, finance and media. Yeouinaru Park offers many activities, including the Peach Blossom Festival, World Fireworks Festival, concerts and marathons. It also has an eco-learning center and eco-friendly park, where visitors can have fun and help preserve nature. Of course, a favorite thing to do there is just relax. Entire families, groups of friends and couples head to Yeouinaru Park to have picnics, read on the grass and play sports. With a convenience store there and the option to get food delivered as well, the comforts to be found at the park are just about endless. Things get even better after sunset, as the river is backdropped by a stunning night view of Seoul featuring the N-tower and the 63 Building, two landmarks of the city. So if you’ve got some time this weekend, head over to Yeouinaru Park. It may not be the beach, but when it comes to a summer in Seoul, the Han River is the place to be.