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  • Suggestion to change welcome gifts of Seoul Mates bad experiences

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    Hello Admin!

    First of all, thank you for the welcome gift that was sent to me as a new Seoul Mate.

    However I would like to suggest to select less expensive gifts in the future for future Mates, because in some countries, above a certain value level the recipient has to pay a custom tax! I had to pay around 30 USD upon the arrival of the package. I think it is not really fair that a participant would have to pay for his/her gift this way. Whats more, it was completely unexpected that I would have to pay for the package.

    On a minor note: the size of the jacket was too small, too. Since nobody asked for sizes when registering, I dont know on what basis this gift was considered. Now I payed 30USD for a jacket I cannot use because the size doesnt fit…

    I suggest that the organizers of Global Seoul Mate reconsider the nature and value of such gifts.

    While the gesture of giving is very much appreciated, the outcome is not always good : I think all of us would be happy with just small gifts with Seoul logos. Something that doesnt involve taxes and size fitting.

    Thank you for reading
    Kind regards