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  • Subway Stations on Lines 5 to 8 Now Equipped with Convenient Smart Lockers

  • Transport News SMG 5015


    Smart lockers, called “Happy Boxes,” which send out text messages containing information on locker location, password, and payment methods to customers’ mobile phones once they type in their phone number, have been installed in subway stations on Lines 5 to 8.

    It was announced that the new Happy Boxes, which feature Internet of Things (IoT) technology, will enter full operation on October 29, 2015.

    The key advantages of the Happy Boxes over conventional lockers are that they are: ① more secure and easier to access through the use of mobile phones, ② feature a simplified registration procedure, and ③ up to 50 percent cheaper.

    In the future, the Happy Box service will be enhanced, allowing customers to have their items delivered from a locker in one subway station to a locker in another station.