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  • String of Festivals to Take Place at Seoul Plaza from May 24

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold the 2011 Seoul Plaza Performances – free programs consisting of diverse genres of the performing arts, including operas, musicals, classical and traditional Korean music recitals, and performing art – two to three times a week at the Art Fence Standing Stage at Seoul Plaza from May 24 to late September.

    The first event at Seoul Plaza was the “Classical Music Opening Concert” held from 7:30 pm to 9:10 pm on May 24. The Seoul Orchestra, composed of young performers who cultivated their skills in various countries around the worldwide, including the U.S., Europe and Russia, performed jointly with tenor Gang Mu-rim and flautist Kim Hui-suk at the concert, which was moderated by mezzo soprano Kim Min-a, the emcee for the 2011 Culture and Art in Seoul Plaza.

    The one-hundred-minute-long show, which is packed with outstanding performances that are usually hard to catch, will also continue to be staged. The repertoire includes operas, classical ballets, and musicals, all of which are sure to draw keen attention from the public. Currently, discussions are under way with the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts and professional art troupes on the works to be performed. Operas and Korean classical operas will be staged during July and August, while the full range of musicals will be presented to audiences in September.

    Audiences will also have a chance to meet with entertainers-turned-soldiers who are currently serving out their compulsory military service, and who were hard to see in ordinary times. In collaboration with the Defense Media Agency, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold another “Seoul Plaza Dream Concert” featuring entertainer-soldiers in 2011, after the one held in 2010.

    An open broadcast show of “Friends FM” of the military broadcaster will be moderated by Boom (Lee Min-ho) and Yang Se-chan on May 28 and June 17. The show will feature the actors Lee Jun-ki and Lee Dong-kun, and the singers Dynamic Duo (Choi Jae-ho and Lee Yun-seong), Andy (Lee Seon-ho), Epik High (Choi Jin and Kim Jeong-sik), and Park Hyo-shin.

    For further information on the performances and the submission of registration, please visit the Culture and Art in Seoul Plaza website (http://www.casp.or.kr)