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  • Strengthening Monthly Public Transportation Days

  • Traffic News SMG 2958

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will strengthen in various ways the Public Transportation Day, which has been operated every Wednesday on the fourth week of the month since 2008. First, beginning in July, on the Public Transportation Day of every month, the government office parking lot of the city and city-affiliated organizations will be closed (except for vehicles of the disabled, emergency vehicles, etc.), and all employees will be encouraged to commute by public transportation.

    The SMG has decided to improve air quality by increasing the utilization of public transportation, reducing fine dust, and other environmental measures. The SMG will also strengthen the cooperation with 25 autonomous districts for the participation and promotion of Public Transportation Days.

    Various benefits will be given to citizens who frequently use public transportation through the Public Transportation Day events. Metropolitan subway and bus users from Seoul as well as users from Incheon, Gyeonggi-do, and other areas can participate in the event.


    Implementation period: July 1, 2016 – the end of 2016
    Implementation target: Public transportation users who use a prepaid smart transportation card and mobile T-money card
    Number of prize winners: 10 persons per day, 100 persons on the Public Transportation Day (every Wednesday on the fourth week of the month)
    Prize: Public transportation mileage worth 50,000 won (T-money mileage)
    Participation method: Participate by visiting the Smart Transit Welfare Foundation homepage (www.stwfoundation.or.kr)
    Announcement: Prize winners will be contacted individually on the Public Transportation Day (every Wednesday on the fourth week of the month)