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  • Streets of Digital Media City grow intelligent

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    IP-Intelight S-shaped night view, IP-Intelight P-shaped night scene

    The streets of the Digital Media City in Sangam-dong have been furnished with 189 “IP-Intelight” intelligent light posts, Seoul City has announced.

    An urgent call and emergency communications system, Image of U-Bus Shelter

    With IP-Intelight, the light posts change colors and brightness as people stroll by, and they also play music. Seoul City said a closed-circuit television device has been installed and that wireless Internet service is available for the public.

    U-Bus Shelter information devices (BIT and DID panels), Rear view of U-Bus Shelter, top view of solar trimmings, advertisement panel on right

    In addition to the IP-Intelight, the DMC complex is equipped with other high-tech features. These include the U-Bus Shelter providing a “BIT,” or bus information terminal and the “DID,” or the digital information device, providing commuters with bus schedules and travel information. Conveniently, members of the public can also access DMC living information.