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  • STREET FOOD KOREA – Water Drop Pudding (물방울 떡)

  • Global Seoul Mate Activities 1985

    In this video, we check out the trendy street dessert from Japan, called “Water Drop Pudding (물방울 떡)!!!” 물방울 떡 translates to “water drop rice cake” and it is known not only as pudding but also as “Water Cake” or “Water Rice Cake” in other areas that sell this treat. The reason we called it “Water Drop Pudding” is because that’s what the sign on this vendor’s stall said. So, what is it? It’s jellied water, some which is mixed with other flavors like strawberry, mango, and other types of flavors. The clear one has no flavor at all, just water. This recipe comes from Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan, from the famous Kinseiken Seika Company, who makes delicious rice mochi cakes. This water drop pudding is called “Mizu Shingen Mochi” in Japanese. Besides the various types of jellied water drops you can get, all of them come with a variety of sweet glaze sauces, like strawberry or chocolate, and come with a helping of sliced almonds, and a helping of soybean powder on top. While this isn’t the tastiest treat out there, it’s definitely an interesting experience, and something one shouldn’t pass up while on the streets of Myeong-dong or while visiting Japan. I’ve even read they even serve this in parts of California now, so look for it! At only 3,500 Won ($2.96), it’s an affordable experience not to be missed!!! ^^