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  • Street Food in Korea: Waffle Ddeok (와플떡)

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    Marie and I try some Waffle Ddeok (와플떡)~!!! If you don’t know, Ddeok (떡) is rice cake – it is rice that has been pounded into a sticky, gooey mass. This street food vendor has taken the traditional Korean ddeok and placed it into a waffle press, and BOOM, you have Waffle Ddeok! The options for ordering are plain waffle ddeok, or “suk” ddeok, which is rice mixed with mugwort. On top of that awesomeness, you can choose between having Wild Flower Honey, Acacia Honey, or Chestnut Honey drizzled on top of your waffle ddeok! It’s very delicious, a healthy, organic treat, and it is only 1,000 Won (about $1.00 USD). This vendor is located in Ssamziegil (쌈지길) in Insa-dong. Please “LIKE” this video if you enjoyed what you watched! And leave some questions, comments or suggestions! =)