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  • I·SEOUL·U Storytelling Contest, Seoul Story by [ ] and [ ]

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    iseoulu Storytelling Contest, Seoul Story by [ ] and [ ]

    Tell us about your experience in Seoul!

    iseoulu logo Storytelling Contest, Seoul Story by [ ] and [ ]

    In celebration of the 2nd anniversary (October 28) of the I Seoul U brand (iseoulu logo), created and led by citizens, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will host the Storytelling Contest of Seoul Story by [ ] and [ ].

    I Seoul U (iseoulu logo) represents the philosophy that “Seoul exists between you and I and that it also embraces both the eastern and western worlds.” It is a brand created and developed by the citizens of Seoul in the hopes to seek a life of coexistence and comfort in a passionate city.

    When the brand was developed in 2015, thanks to the participation of over 230,000 citizens, the brand was fostered into a leading citizens’ brand within two years of declaring the birth of the brand. The brand has raised its reliability and brand image by winning prestigious brand design awards including the Reddot Design and if Design in Germany and Good Design of the United States.

    The subject of the contest is I Seoul U (iseoulu logo) Seoul for Us. Express the story of people living in Seoul in prose, video or poster format.

    Anyone who wishes to coexist with others and loves Seoul can apply. The contest will be introduced through ‘Seoul in Your Palm’ and submissions will be received on the contest website of the ‘Idea Sharing Center (www.ideananumso.com/iseoulu).’ Submissions will be accepted between October 21 and November 20. Categories include prose, video and poster. The I Seoul U (iseoulu logo) manuscript paper will be offered on-line to inspire people to express their writings.

    I Seoul U manuscript paper ‘Coexistence’ I Seoul U manuscript paper ‘Passion’ I Seoul U manuscript paper ‘Composure’
    < I Seoul U manuscript paper ‘Coexistence’ > < I Seoul U manuscript paper ‘Passion’ > < I Seoul U manuscript paper ‘Composure’>

    A total prize pool of 20 million KRW will be given to 40 works through judging by experts and on-line citizen voting.

    The awards ceremony will be held at the indoor plaza of Seoul Station where many diverse people coexist and the air is relaxed and composed. This year’s storytelling contest for I Seoul U (iseoulu logo) Seoul for Us will be the first citizen-participated event ever. 100 members of cheering squads from universities located in Seoul will present the awards to citizens in flash mob form.

    I Seoul U 너와나의서울Overview of the Storytelling Contest

    1. 1.Title: Storytelling Contest for iseoulu logo Seoul For Us
    2. 2. Subject: Seoul Story by [ ] and [ ]
    3. 3. Categories: Prose, video and poster
    4. 4. Eligibility: Anyone who loves Seoul
    5. 5. Schedule
      • ○ Submission period: 4pm on October 21 (Sat) ~ November 20 (Mon), 2017
      • ○ Result Announcement: Scheduled for December 4 (Mon), 2017 | * Award ceremony: Scheduled for December 8 (Fri)

      ※ Subject to change.

    6. 6. Requirements
      Category Details
      Prose ○ One manuscript paper or shorter (use the manuscript paper)
      ○ Download the manuscript paper and handwrite. Submit as photo or scanned file (JPG, PNG, PDF, etc.)
      Video ○ Video 20 sec ~ 2 min long
      ○ Any media content including video, motion graphic and animation
      ○ Submit the submission with the URL (on-line file address) to the video
      (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook)
      – Enter this required tag message when uploading your video: #ISEOULU#Seoul for Us
      Poster ○ A4 (297*210) or larger
      ○ Visual design including typographics, infographics and illustration
      ○ Submit after designing the poster (AI, JPG, PNG, etc.)
      Example ○ Desirable Seoul by [ ] and [ ]
      ○ Seoul Dream by [ ] and [ ], etc.
    7. 7. How to Submit
    8. 8. Inquiries
      • ○ Idea Sharing Center, the operation office for the storytelling contest of iseoulu logo Seoul for Us
      • ○ Tel: 02-407-9006, E-mail: iseoulu@goodcontest.co.kr

    I Seoul U manuscript paper ‘Composure’