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    Dr. Ryan Goessl has been in Korean for 12 years. During this time, he has created and built the Camarata Music Company, which is recognized in Korea, and worldwide, for its high quality classical music performances. The non-profit organization, with over 5,000 members, including over 300 active performers, is also recognized as the most culturally diverse music organization worldwide, with 96 countries represented since its 2009 debut.

    Dr. Goessl is Executive Director, and also the conductor of the organization. He conducts the three choirs (the 150 member Camarata Chorale, the 30 member auditioned Camarata Chamber Singers, the 60 member Camarata Youth Choir, and the 50+ member Camarata Orchestra, the 50 member Camarata Musical Theatre, and coaches many other musicians), works as a music consultant in the international and Korean communities, and is a highly recognized voice teacher and coach, teaching students from the beginning level to professional level, including some KPOP singers.

    Dr. Goessl and Camarata Music have been recognized by many media outlets in Korea, including the Korea Times, the Korea Herald, the Chosun Ilbo, TBS Efm, Arirang TV, KBS TV, Groove Magazine, Seoul Magazine, 10 Magazine, Itaewon News, and more. He has received awards for music from numerous organizations in Korea and abroad, recognizing him for his contributions to music and culture.

    Camarata’s concert audiences number over 1,000 people per performance, and the annual “Christmas with Camarata” performance last year brought 2,500 audience members.

    Dr. Goessl, and Camarata Music Company live by their mission: Creating Global Communities Through the Universal Language of Music. They have truly worked to help fulfill their mission, bringing music to thousands of people in Korea, by accepting everyone to the choirs, even if they think they cannot sing.

    Dr. Goessl brings wonderful music to Korea, by bridging the gap between the Korean and Expat communities, through music!