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[2019] Mayor’s Speech

  • Statement by the Mayor of Seoul on public housing for newlyweds

  • [2019] Mayor’s Speech SMG 1723

    Last week, I informed you of why Seoul is directing its attention to the “starting line.”

    In life, we all reach our destinations at different times

    depending on the values we pursue, our personal capacities, and endeavors.

    Yet, just like a marathon,

    the starting line must be the same to ensure equality.

    This is Seoul recognizing the problems.

    Today, Seoul

    plans to support a different starting line.

    To us, what is a home?

    It is where a life starts and beings its journey, it is where a day begins,

    it is a place for a new start for two people who are in love. These are all homes.

    Is a home a place one buys, or a place where one resides?

    A home should not be a place bought with money, but a place where family members love one another and live.

    It must be a place where one dreams of tomorrow.

    Thus, a home is the starting line.

    However, at some point, homes became a burden and anguish.

    In the Metropolitan area, one-fourth (24%) of the household income is used for housing expenses.

    When two people who are in love cannot afford a new home, they postpone their marriage

    and postpone having children.

    How long must this last?

    This is why Seoul is turning its attention to housing.

    Just as Seoul supports the start of young people,

    we plan to largely expand the housing support policy for the start of newlyweds

    as a means of support.

    Seoul plans to boldly resolve

    newlyweds’ housing problems, which is their greatest concern and burden.

    In Seoul, there are approximately 50,000 couples who get married each year.

    Seoul will offer a total support of 25,000 houses annually.

    Excluding those with the financial abilities to purchase houses on their own,

    this number can actually support all newlyweds with one house in which to reside if they decide they need the support.

    Nothing can compare to the happiness that comes with raising a child in a stable, residential environment.

    Seoul will support newlyweds so that this dream can become reality.