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  • Starting in April, Please Come and Visit Seoul Citizens Hall on Mondays!

  • SMG 2946
    • Open Lounge
    • Citizens Plaza (B1)
    • Citizens Gallery
    • Event Hall

    From April 2015, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will do away with the Monday holiday schedule for Seoul Citizens Hall, thereby operating the facility every day, excluding January 1, Lunar New Year’s Day, and Chuseok Holiday.

    Since its opening in January 2013, Seoul Citizens Hall has been visited by an average of 5,063 visitors a day, accumulating a total of 3.2 million visitors over the past two years, from January 2013 to January 2015. Citizen’s satisfaction rate regarding Seoul Citizens Hall was reported to be 94.2 percent, indicating that it has consolidated its presence as a major public facility that hosts various enjoyable activities for citizens.

    ※ Operating Hours: 09:00 ~ 21:00 every day (excluding January 1, Lunar New Year’s Day, and Chuseok Holiday)

    The city government also plans to promote its new schedule by operating programs exclusively designed for Mondays, such as the “Energy Concert,” which will be held in Foundation Park located between City Hall Station, Subway Line No. 1 (Exit 4), and the entrance of Seoul Citizens Hall during the evening rush hour on Mondays.

    Also, Seoul City is planning to open a second Citizens Hall in August 2015. The new Citizens Hall will be located on the first and second floors of the Seoul Business Agency (SBA)’s convention center (floor size of 3,220 square meters), and will be operated with the purpose of facilitating citizen’s activities in the southeastern region of Seoul. The selection of this location reflects the growing demand of citizens for such facilities and the sheer volume of suggestions made by citizens to establish a Citizens Hall in their community. The second Citizens Hall will incorporate the needs of the local area in order to create harmony with the residents.

    Visit Seoul Citizens Hall : http://english.seoul.go.kr/get-to-know-us/city-hall/overview-city-hall/2-citizens-hall/