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[2014] Mayor’s Speech

  • Start Together, and Dreams Will Come True

  • [2014] Mayor’s Speech SMG 1470

    Start Together, and our Dreams Will Come True
    Date July 16, 2014 | Venue Seoul Metropolitan Council

    Congratulatory Message at the Opening of the 9th Seoul Metropolitan Council

    The honorable Chairman Park Nea Hak and council members! Other participating citizens and students! The 9th Seoul Metropolitan Council embarked on its voyage today amid the high hopes and expectations of 10 million Seoul citizens. I wholeheartedly congratulate you on the opening of the 9th Seoul Metropolitan Council. I would like to congratulate Chairman Park Nea Hak, Vice Chairman Kim In-ho, and Vice Chairman Kang Kam-chang, who assume the heavy responsibility of leading the 9th Seoul Metropolitan Council, and also other council members elected with the hope and trust of the citizens.

    In July 1991, the Seoul Metropolitan Council was revived after 30 years, and since then it has realized the cause of grassroots municipal autonomy as the hall of public opinion and public welfare, and has taken the initiative in developing Seoul and improving the quality of life of the citizens. I would therefore like to express my respect and gratitude to all of you here.

    To the honorable council members! For the past two years and eight months, Seoul has resolved public issues and conflicts with citizens through governance with the city council. By improving the quality of life of the citizens, Seoul has built a basis for an ambitious future vision.

    The eco-friendly free school meal program has been fully implemented, and a number of temporary job positions have been converted to permanent positions. The half-college-tuition policy was implemented, and the welfare budget has been increased. While reducing our debt by more than KRW 4.3 trillion, we have succeeded in building 80,000 rental houses. This is the first administration to have reduced our debt while simultaneously expanding investment in welfare benefits for citizens.

    Together with citizens, we have created the Seoul Citizen Welfare Standard, 2030 Seoul Master Plan, Economic Vision 2030, Seoul City Wall Project, Northeast Ⅱ Region Planning, and the Comprehensive Plan for Tourism•MICE Industry Development. All have served as steppingstones towards the realization of our future dreams.

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    In addition, for the second year in a row, Seoul has been ranked 6th on the Global Power City Index by the Mori Foundation, and was selected as the Best International Meetings Destination by Business Traveler USA. It also received the UN Public Service Awards. Seoul is, in this manner, growing to be one of the world’s most influential cities.

    Without support from the Seoul Metropolitan Council and the 10 million citizens of Seoul, none of these achievements would have been possible. The Seoul Metropolitan Council has been the true friend of our 10 million citizens, and the driving force of Seoul’s growth.

    To the honorable members of the council! Despite the progress we have made we cannot stay satisfied with the present. The transformation of Seoul is yet to be completed. We need to make our proposed vision bear the fruit based on the administrative affairs of the past two years and eight months, and we need to make Seoul Metropolitan City a place where our 10 million citizens can share the fruits of our success equally.

    Seoul should aim to become a people-focused and safe city filled with warmth, safety, hope, and dreams. Based on the idea of a creative economy, we should advance toward a generous city where all citizens can lead their own happy lives. With the opening of the new Seoul Metropolitan Council, the upcoming 6th Seoul Metropolitan Government, elected by popular vote, will regard the safety of citizens as a top priority in all administrative affairs.

    We should make Seoul a safe place together, a place where people are safe from disasters, accidents, crime, and terrorism. We must build a city where people are protected from injustice, corruption, disease, and pollution, and where people do not have to worry about unsafe food, housing, employment, and education.
    In addition, the 6th Seoul Metropolitan Government will focus on building a generous welfare city where citizens’ happy lives are ensured. Under the principle of ‘Visiting Welfare’, we will proactively make the social safety net more practical in order to safeguard the lives of citizens as our reliable partners.

    Seoul needs a solid growth engine in order to become a bastion of citizens’ happiness where safety and welfare are top priorities in their civic lives.
    The new administration will adopt a Seoul-style creative economy as a growth engine. The Seoul-style creative economy will serve as a new driving force of economic growth for Seoul as we invest in the people of Seoul and the value of Seoul.

    The five bases of Korea’s Creative Economy, including Sinchon•Hongdae•Hapjeong Valley, Sangam DMC, Dongdaemun Creative Economy Cluster, Guro G Valley, and Gaepo ICT, along with the three knowledge-based hubs of Magok, Chang-dong•Sanggye, and Hongneung, form a firm foundation for growth that will nurture 100,000 professionals in the creative industries.

    The Seoul-style Creative Economy will become a basis for sustainable safety and welfare, and a growth engine for Seoul over the next 100 years. As a result, everyone in Seoul will enjoy the fruits of our growth equally.

    To respected council members! For all of these, we will continue to pursue common sense and principles, and to maintain a practical, balanced administration. Above all, we will increase our focus on innovation and governance. To respond to the undeniable needs of the times, and the demands from citizens, innovation and governance will be the dominant principles for the 6th Seoul Metropolitan Government. The two principles will become two wings leading Seoul into a new era. They will play a significant role in turning Seoul into a city that dreams, plans, and celebrates with its citizens. I will take the initiative to innovate, and then public officials will follow me in order to show the world that Seoul fulfills its promises as an example of innovation.

    Again, Seoul will do its best to serve citizens as the owners of Seoul, and Seoul will regard citizens, the central government, the city council, and the National Assembly as leaders of the Seoul administration. We must fulfill our promises to each council member. I therefore hope for your cooperation and support.

    To The honorable Chairman Park Nea Hak and council members! A few days ago, I found an interesting slogan at the city council website: ‘Start Together, and Dreams will Come True. We Hope for a Fresh Start.’ That is right. If we work together, there is nothing we cannot do.

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    A dream many people dream together will come true. Can it be possible for a dream of 10 million citizens not to come true?

    Hope does not exist without reason. Hope is something we should experience together. Cooperation does not mean looking to each other, but moving forward together, looking in the same direction. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s have a new dream and hope for Seoul and its 10 million citizens.

    Again, I would like to congratulate you on the opening of the 9th Seoul Metropolitan Council. I wholeheartedly hope every council member will fulfill their legislative duties, and will be respected and loved by citizens. Thank you.