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  • “Seoul’s Spring in Bloom” 《Han River Spring Flower Festival》

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government is holding the Han River Spring Flower Festival from April 2nd to May 29th, 2016 in the entire area around Han River Park. The Yeouido Spring Flower Festival representing the Han River is held from April 4th to 10th. Let’s go welcome the spring at the nearest Han River Park!

    BEST 10 Attractions in Han River Spring Flower Festival

    No. Event Date Location Contents
    1 Walk along Han River Golden Bell Path April 2nd Ttukseom Walking and cleaning up along the flower path with environmental protection workers
    2 Han River Butterfly Flowerbed April 2nd – Yeouinaru Station Butterfly-shaped flowerbed with tulips, the symbol of the festival
    3 Han River Cherry Blossom Concert April 9th Floating Stage, Yeouido Spring concert celebrating the Han River Spring Flower Festival
    4 Han River Blossom Cruise April 2nd – 9th Every Saturday Yeouido – Banpo – Yeouido Cruise decorated with spring flowers and romantic concerts during the festival
    5 Spring Flower Picnic Festival April 9th Folk Square, Yeouido Picnic and music performances open to the public
    6 Jamsugyo Moonlight Flower Path April 25th Jamsugyo Bridge, Banpo Flower path using Jamsugyo Bridge railings
    7 Blue Spring Festival 2016 May 7th – 8th Yeouido Yeouido Large-scale lecture event by about 30 teams of speakers for the young
    8 Seorae Island Canola Flower Festival May 14th – 15th Seorae Island, Banpo Flower gardens, small concerts, etc.
    9 Children’s Spring Flower Art Contest May 21st Ttukseom Painting, flower origami, and other activities for children
    10 Han River Green Barley Festival May 28th – 29th Ichon Cultural events around the rural landscape of Ichon green barley garden



    Golden Bells (Ttukseom) Cherry Blossoms (Saetgang, Yeouido)
    Canola Flowers (Seorae Island) Green Barley (Ttukseom)
    Wild Roses (Godeok) Royal Azalea (Jamsil)