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  • Spring Flower/Tree Market Opened in Seoul Square

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    Visitors to the spring flower/tree market held at the Seoul Square

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is hosting a spring flower/tree market for seven days in Seoul Square between April 17 and April 23.

    The market is designed to encourage direct transactions of flowers, trees, and bonsai between farmers and buyers in urban areas, while encouraging people to plant flowers and trees in the upcoming spring.

    The flowers and trees sold at the event place are those supplied by the Korea Florist Association, the Korean Bonsai Growers Cooperative, and the Seoul branch of the Korea Forestry Cooperatives Federation. They are 10~20% cheaper than those sold at ordinary stores and the quality is guaranteed.

    The event place also features a display and sale of traditional Korean bonsai trees, sale of gardening supplies, sale of persimmon and blueberry trees, free distribution of hibiscus trees, and markets of trees and spring flowers.

    A total of 80 types of potted flowers, 100 types of succulent plants, 10 types of wild flowers, 10 types of vegetable/tree seedlings, and bonsai trees will be sold.

    Visitors can also learn how to select, plant, and take care of flowers and trees. The event also offers a hands-on experience opportunity for changing flower pots, forming bonsai shapes, and making hand-made artworks.

    -Participation fee: 10,000 won or less.
    -Open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
    -Closed on rainy or windy days.

    For inquiries, please contact the Landscape Division (☎ 02-2133-2110).