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  • Spring Flower Festival’ at Seoul Grand Park

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    The Goddess of flowers descends upon Seoul

    The Botanical Garden of Seoul Grand Park is to hold the ‘Spring Flower Festival’ for 33 days until April 25.

    Signs of spring have yet to appear as the nation has been blanketed in snow, even in the middle of March. While we are ready to meet spring, the general feeling has been one of never ending snowfall, strong winds and yellow dust. This has led some to joke that the frogs waking up from their long winter sleep, after Gyeongchip, one of the 24 lunar year terms indicating the start of spring, might simply return to their caves. Compared with other years, the magnolias have yet to bloom.

    However, there is a place where you can enjoy the scent of spring in the midst of beautiful flowers. The Botanical Garden of Seoul Grand Park launched the ‘Spring Flower Festival,’ on March 24, with around 8,700 flowers from 250 species on display. The flowers on exhibition have great artistic value to the extent that some have described them as the ‘art of flowers.’ The organizers of this event have also deftly combined the flowers with fairly tales or myths. The exhibition has been categorized according to four themes.

    Themed garden No. 1, the mythical realm of Flora, goddess of flowers

    During every spring in ancient Rome, it was said that there was a festival for Flora, the goddess of flowers, to celebrate the start of spring. In themed garden No. 1, a palace decorated with flowers can be found along with the displays straight out of the ancient Roman festival. With statues of the winged horse Pegasus, the queen of heaven Hera and Western orchids, a mythical realm has been brought to life in the garden.

    Themed garden No. 2, world’s famous paintings recreated with flowers

    Using the dried flower technique of ‘floral collage,’ this garden has recreated some of the world’s most famous paintings, such as the ‘Mona Lisa’ by Leonardo da Vinci and ‘Sunflowers’ by Vincent van Gogh. Also, there is a photo zone that allows visitors to take photographs inside a big frame of the ‘Birth of Venus’ painting.

    Themed garden No. 3, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

    Let’s imagine Alice who followed the white rabbit down his hole and in to Wonderland from a fantastic garden. A fantasy world within a botanical garden? This is a unique experience for children.

    Themed garden No. 4, take a photo with a tiger made with flowers

    In the wake of the year of Tiger in 2010, this garden features a big picture of a tiger made with flowers. The tiger also represents the brand of the Seoul Grand Park. For family groups, there are five events that cost of between 2,000 won (US$1.75) and 5,000 won, each. The events include making a flowerpot, making a whiter tiger mask, making a doll with grass and making a ‘PetPlant.’