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  • Spend a Festive Night this Friday and Saturday at the Seoul Drum Festival

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    Spend a Festive Night this Friday and Saturday at the Seoul Drum Festival

    The Seoul Drum Festival, marking the 20th anniversary since its opening in 1999, will be held from this Friday, May 25, to Saturday, May 26, at the Seoul Plaza under the slogan, “Feel your heartbeat with the sound of the drums! Passion in unity! Seoul Drum Festival!”

    This year’s festival tears down the boundary between audience and stage to offer a variety of unique programs, in which the public may actively participate, and is scheduled to present a high-class performance that reaches out to the audience for everyone to enjoy the intense release of energy, uniting the crowd amidst the beat of the drums!

    The Seoul Drum Festival began featuring professional arts performances centered around western-style drums since its 16th anniversary opening in 2014 and is progressively growing in popularity and influence. Since 2017, marking its 19th anniversary opening, a drum competition was featured as an accompanying program, offering the opportunity for competitors of all ages and levels, from elementary school to semi-professional, to put their passion on display. The festival continues to evolve alongside various programs for participants and festival-goers, regardless of age or background.

    On Friday, May 25, from 7:00 pm to 7:50 pm, the drum competition will be held with as many as 15 scheduled performances from audience members, followed up by the judging and awarding of outstanding acts for the top three performances.

    On both Friday and Saturday, from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm, special guest music and drum performances will light up the stage featuring an elite class of drummers comprised of five Koreans and three foreign guests.

    No. Performance Date Performer Photo
    1 May 25-26 Benny Greb, Germany:
    With over one million hits on YouTube, he’s a unique drum master making a name for himself across the globe
    Benny Greb, Germany
    2 May 25-26 Michael Schack, Belgium:
    The e-drum legend himself earned the honor of being this year’s third ‘E-drummer’ award recipient
    Michael Schack, Belgium
    3 May 25-26 Aaron Spears, U.S.A.:
    A popular modern drummer that showcases powerful drumming amid a unique take on the instrument itself
    Aaron Spears, U.S.A.
    4 May 25 Han Woong-won Band:
    A gifted drummer that twice earned the honor of Jazz People’s ‘Jazz Drummer of the Year’
    Han Woong-won Band
    5 May 25 DR (Idiotape drummer):
    He passionately showcases his very own trendy drumming style
    DR (Idiotape drummer)
    6 May 25 Lim Chae-kwang Band:
    Korea’s number one K-pop Session drummer
    Lim Chae-kwang Band
    7 May 26 Kim Seung-ho Band:
    With over one million hits on YouTube, he’s a unique drum master making a name for himself across the globe
    Kim Seung-ho Band
    8 May 26 Hwang Jung-kwan Trio:
    Korea’s elite technical drummer
    Hwang Jung-kwan Trio
    9 May 26 DJ Kindergarten:
    The living legend DJ of the Club Octagon
    DJ Kindergarten

    This Seoul Drum Festival goes beyond that of a spectating event and offers a plethora of programs for everyone to learn all there is about drums and try a hand at the art of drumming for themselves! All festival-goers are also welcome to come and play the drums during the entire course of the festival at the 20th Anniversary Commemoration Zone!

    On Saturday, May 26, from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm, global drumming sensation, Benny Greb, will provide a very special ‘master class’ to share the know-how for the art of drumming for everyone that is interested prior to his stage performance.

    available alongside enhanced program content for audience participation thanks to the sponsorship and partaking of renowned music instrument brands.

    • <Yamaha Booth> presents a special performance from drummer Kim Miso, learning the drum in just five minutes
    • <Cosmos Instruments Booth> holds Remo Drum Circle event for a healing experience with the drums
    • <Dr. Drum Booth> offers the opportunity for everyone to come and try a hand at drumming

    □ The Seoul Drum Festival is free and open to the public. For additional festival details, please visit the festival homepage at www.seouldrum.go.kr and contact the festival operations office at 02-542-5977 for further inquiries.

    [Appendix 3: 2017 festival photos]

    DJ Kindergarten DJ Kindergarten
    △ Artist performance (Luke Holland) △ Artist performance (Milos Meier)
    DJ Kindergarten DJ Kindergarten
    △ Public amateur performance (Rapercussion) △ Master class
    DJ Kindergarten DJ Kindergarten
    △ Public drumming zone △ Open class